Patch Notes: v1.1.0.0 – October 24, 2017

Servers will be down for 5-10 minutes while they update and restart.

This will most likely be the last patch before the final release on Thursday Oct 26th. We still haven’t gotten all of the larger bugs finished yet (known bug list coming soon) but just because we are releasing on Thursday doesn’t mean development will completely stop.

Today’s patch isn’t a big one but with it we finally have real spawn rooms for Conquest and some much needed bug fixes. We also got in a fix for the sound bug that was causing some issues with certain effects not playing when the volume slider was below 25%. Also, Earth took a nerf this week with his passive damage resistance being reduced. We have some nice trailers coming soon so stay tuned and see you all on Thursday!

House Validus

House Magnus


Reduced the speed buff duration from 3s -> 1s on Galvanize.
Nature 1 Thorns – Reduced damage from 5-6 -> 4-5.
Nature 2B Fly Swarm – Reduced  the seeking range by 50%.
Earth Passive – Reduced from 30%/20%/10% to 25%/15%/10% damage reduced based on mana. 100 mana = 25% damage reduction.
Lightning 3B Thunderstorm – Reduced damage of each strike from 21-23 -> 20-21.


Changed the effect on various spells.
Changed the Conquest respawn timer from 20s -> 10s.
Replaced the long mid-game music with shorter tracks.
Added spawn rooms on Conquest maps for each team.
Added a frontend background scene.
Reduced volume of some SFX that were ~50% too loud such as hit, death sounds, and ambience.
Fixed a bug with the volume slider bar sometimes removing some sounds when below 25%.
Performance tweaks to Quarry maps and Market maps.

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