Patch Notes: v1.0.9.0 – October 14, 2017

Servers will be down for 5-10 minutes while they update and restart.

Today we have big updates to survival mode including much needed bug fixes and a whole new map called Shadows. Survival Shadows is the new ‘hard’ difficulty map and is inspired by extremely difficult games like Devil Daggers and is not meant for new players. Survival mode has also gone from a 10 minute victory timer to about 5 minutes so that it’s easier to try out multiple classes.

We also have added in music in various places and made some changes to the on hit enemy health bar so that it gives better information. Last of the notable changes are bug fixes and nerfs to Nature’s passive spell that allows her to turn into a rabbit. This passive should now be more balanced with the other classes spells.


Survival Mode

Replaced the old hard difficulty map with a new one called Shadows. It is based on a new scenario and has a much higher difficulty level. This new map is for more experienced players looking for a challenge.

Added a Victory/Defeat screen to Survival mode with restart and other buttons.

Fixed a bug where the character select menu was coming up a 2nd time.

Added a music track.

Added opening screens which include some backstory and objectives.

Fixed hit effects on the golems.

Updated the help overlays.

Survival Normal (Orinfell): Removed cinematic. Reduced time to start from 30s -> 10s. Fixed a bug with the enemy mage not spawning. Reduced victory time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. Fixed a bug where the golems were getting stuck on houses.


Updated opening screens for FFA and Conquest.

Added ambient sounds to Quarry and Futhark maps.

Added ambient sounds to FFA_Futhark.

Added music that plays after each FFA and Conquest game.

Added game start music for FFA and Conquest. (Might not be working right)

Added mid-game music for FFA and Conquest. (Can be muted by pressing ‘M’)


Ice 4 Blizzard – Reduced damage rate from 5-6 every 0.5s to 4 every 0.5s.

Nature Passive – The rabbit form will now start with 25% health instead of 50%. Rabbit is now 425 speed instead of 450 (Player characters are 375).


Fixed a bug where some sounds weren’t affected by the volume slider.

Nature Passive: Fixed multiple bugs related to the rabbit including spell casting during the change, the health bar not working, and possibly fixes to some of the collision issues that sometimes happened.


Changed the way the on-hit enemy health bars are displayed to be more readable and user friendly.

Added a warning about the map reset to the victory/defeat text in Conquest.

Increased the speed of some of the new animations.

Fixed the color on some of the first person hand lights and fixed some performance problems.

Added “long descriptions” for each class’s unlock screen on the character select menu.

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