Patch Notes: v1.0.5.0 – October 09, 2017

Sorry for the long delay but we have a big patch this week with many balance changes, performance tweaks, a new spell, bug fixes, and more. There will be a major announcement tomorrow and over the next few weeks we will have an expanded playtest schedule as we hunt down remaining bugs and prepare for final release.

If you want more information on the game’s spells you can view the complete list here or join our small but friendly community on Discord. Big thanks to everyone for all the feedback and help! You can support us directly by visiting our website to buy concept art prints, classes, or make a donation.


  • Updated the minimaps for all Conquest maps to be more useful.
  • Added a global cooldown of 0.25s. Spells can no longer be spammed every 0.1s and there will now be a more noticeable delay between spells. This was done for balancing time to kill as well as to fix multiple bugs related to cooldowns and spell switching.
  • Reduced volume of footsteps by 50%.
  • Reduced volume of on-hit player sounds by 25%.
  • Character materials changed for all classes from team color to class colors. This was done to make it easier to tell what class you are fighting at a distance and to work with the new on hit health indicators for enemies. Green name and Health Bar = Friendly. Red name and Red Health Bar on hit = Enemy.
  • Changed first person animation on the following spells: Lightning 1A, 1B, 2, 2A, 3, 3B, 4B. Fire 1A, 1B, 2A, 3, 4, 4A. Ice 1, 1A, 2A, 3B 4. Nature 3A, 4, 4A, 4B. Earth 2
  • Changed hit effect on Lightning 2A Energize.
  • Changed the lightning passive particle effect to better match the spell effect style.
  • Increased the lifespan of the Teleport spell effects so it’s more obvious when used.
  • Ice 4B Whirlwind: Changed the spell effect to be more transparent.
  • Updated tooltips to reflect recent changes.


  • Player hit sounds bug fixed and changed cooldown from 3s -> 0.75s. Players will once again hear a sound cue after they take damage.
  • Fixed a major bug that was causing performance problems on most maps for players with laptops and nvidia cards.
  • Fixed bug where the tutorial wasn’t launching.
  • Fixed a bug with the Store button on the main menu. It will now minimize and take players to the game’s Steam store page through the client.
  • Fixed the “got milk” bug on the Single player menu.
  • Fixed a bug where Juxtapose was useable longer than the effect was displayed.


  • Replaced Fire 4B Meteor Shower with a new spell called Helios to give Fire an ultimate that can be used more effectively indoors. Description: Quickly cast a massive fireball which gains in power the longer it flies at any time you can trigger the spell again to send the fireball rushing towards your targeted location. 25s cooldown. Base damage 320-480. Lasts for 5s.
  • Buffed Juxtapose by reducing the cooldown from 15s to 12s and reduced the collision size of the projectile so that it is less likely to get caught up on nearby objects.
  • Movement Spell Celerity: Reduced cooldown from 15s -> 12s.
  • Lightning 3B Thunderstorm – Reduced damage from 23-25 per hit to 21-23 per hit.
  • Lightning 2B Ball Lightning – Reduced damage radius on fully charged projectile from 256 -> 196.
  • Nether 1 Chakram – Reduced the momentum transfer by 50%.
  • Nether 3A – Reduced cooldown from 20s -> 10s.
  • Nether 4A Voidstrike – Increased min damage from 45 -> 52 making damage range 52 – 55.
  • Nature 3A Groundskeeper – Adjusted the position of the spell so it can be seen by the caster.
  • Nature 4A Ancients – Added orbiting particles that show the range at which each Ancient will be triggered to attack.
  • Lightning 2A Chain Lightning – Changed spell effect. Reduced from 4 bounces to 3. Increased range to bounce from 768 -> 1500
  • Lightning 3A Energy Well – Increased radius from 256 -> 300.
  • Lightning 4B Static Cloud – Reduced cooldown from 60s -> 45s. Reduced duration from 10s -> 7s.
  • Earth 1 Pebbles – Increased projectile speeds from 3000 -> 3500.


  • FFA Futhark – Reduced total objects and other performance tweaks. Changed layout and pathing in some places. Added more cover in areas that were too open.
  • FFA Quarry – Performance fixes, removed unnecessary objects and clutter, bots should now be pathing correctly, refined boundary collision.
  • FFA Temple – Fixed some collision issues where players were getting stuck and various performance tweaks.
  • FFA Market – Performance fixes and reduced the amount of snow by 20%.
  • FFA Ruins – Adjusted lighting and some minor layout fixes.
  • FFA Sanctuary – Performance tweaks and minor layout changes.
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