Patch Notes: v1.0.2.0 – August 1, 2017

In today’s patch Lightning will replace Nature as a starting class. We also have some balancing and changes to two of the maps. Out of combat health regen has also been increased from 5 to 10 per second.

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Nature 1B Needle Thorns – Add to tooltip that it drains mana. Changed damage from 10-12 -> 12-14. Increased projectile speed from 2500 -> 3000.
Nature 3A Groundskeeper – Increased min healed from 5 -> 8. Decreased radius from 512 to 386.
Lightning 1 Electricity – Changed damage interval from 0.25s -> 0.1s. Removed damage range. Changed DPS from 20-25 -> 30. (Note: The interval change will make it much easier to do consistent damage.)
Lightning 2 Lightning Bolt – Decreased max damage from 36 -> 32.
Earth 2B Tremor – Reduced the delay from 0.5s to 0.25s.
Rolling Boulder and Magma Bomb – The collision size was too high, this caused the spells to frequently get caught on objects where it seems like it should have passed easily. Reduced the collision size.
Ice 4B Whirlwind – Increased speed from 200 -> 250. Increased damage from 7-8 -> 10-12.
Changed out of combat health regen from 5 -> 10 per second.

FFA & Conquest Temple:
Fixed a bug where ground-casted spells couldn’t be cast on the walkway.
Added a 2nd story to inside of temple. Only accessible by spell. (Testing out making this point more defensible).
Added 2 additional ramps on each team’s side of the inside of the temple that go up to the 1st story.
Removed some clutter from the center area
Reduced the size of most fences. These should now act more as intended, as half cover not full cover with players able to shoot back and forth over them.

Conquest Slums:
Added large cover along main path from spawn to middle point.
Blocked out backalley under Church
Fixed some places under walkways where players could get stuck.

Fixed a bug where ground casted spells couldn’t be cast on the length ways walkway in the middle of the map.

Changed default resolution to 1920×1080 instead of 1280×720
Turned back on announcer sounds. You should now hear a kill announcement for kill streaks.

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