Patch Notes: v0.9.9.91 – June 17, 2017

Today we have some long awaited bug fixes for FFA and with some spells. There are also some balance changes to spells and some minor map fixes. We are still stuck on one bug with the in-game purchasing for F2P but once that is fixed we will be all set to launch. As we get closer to F2P launch each playtest becomes even more important so if you get a chance please join us each week.

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  • Turned off the combat log until it can be moved to its own area.
  • Added player spawn protection to FFA. Players will no longer spawn at the same location.
  • FFA Victory and Loss conditions have been changed. The player with the highest score will now win after time expires. If two players have the same top score they will both win.


  • Fixed a bug where the Fire damage on player hit effect was lasting too long.
  • Some projectiles were spawning above the player’s crosshair this is now fixed and all spells should now be on target.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s first person material was displaying the incorrect material after using Stoneskin spell.
  • Fixed a bug where the Repel spell would trigger a player’s own Spellshield.
  • The collision for Earth 3 wasn’t matching the particle effect. They should now be synced.
  • Cleaned up various log spam and warnings.


  • Fire 4A Focus Fire –  Increased damage from 30 -> 50.
  • Fire 1 Flames – Doubled range from 512 to 1024 and decreased damage from 4-5 -> 3-4.
  • Fire 1A Fireballs – Increased damage from 10-15 -> 14-15.
  • Buffed Nature’s self healing ratio from 0.25 to 0.5s. Nature spells don’t work as well on her as they do on others. Her spells will now heal her for 50% of the amount that allies are healed for.
  • Earth 2A Concussive – Damage increased from 30 -> 40 for base, 35 -> 45 for half, and 37 -> 47 for full.
  • Earth 2B Tremor – Damage increased from 25-28 -> 30-32.
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