Patch Notes: v0.9.9.8 – May 10, 2017

Today’s patch includes performance fixes for the Safeguard maps, balance changes to spells, and bug fixes. In addition, four spells got some big changes, like Lightning 1A Shock which can now heal allies at short range making it possible to have support spells in all slots. Another change is that Earth 4B Bedrock will now explode after 2-5 seconds dealing massive damage nearby. Lightning 1B Chain Lightning can now bounce 4 times and it can hit the same enemy more than once. The last big change to spells is that Fire 1B Ignite is now a single cast spell instead of sustained or channeled casting which makes it great to throw into a AOE Fire wizard’s spell rotation. In case you missed it last week we also just added new website.

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  • FFA_Ruins – Added more spawns to FFA Ruins. Fixed some minor layout issues and cosmetics.
  • Health Regen In Combat increased from 1 per second to 2 per second.
  • Health Regen Out of Combat increased from 10 per second to 20 per second.
  • Added culling volumes to some maps (minor performance fixes).
  • Added a new font.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Fixed all instances of non-coplanar polygons on blocking volumes on maps..


  • Earth 2B Tremor – Fixed a problem where the range indicator was longer than the spell range.
  • Lightning 2 Lightning Bolt – Fixed a bug where this spell’s particle effects weren’t showing up in multiplayer.
  • Stoneskin – There is a bug where your first person character model will display the wrong texture after using Stoneskin on all classes except Earth.
  • Fire 1B Ignite – No hand animation plays when this spell is used.
  • Server browser/Esc Menu bug – If you leave a server and return to the Main Menu using the Esc menu, then try to join a different server, it will take you back to the original server you were on.
    Temporary fix – If you want to join a different server just exit the game and then restart and navigate back to the server browser. The first server you join after opening the game for the first time is the one you will be “tied” to until you exit.
  • Fixed a bug in Safeguard where some sounds were unaffected by the volume controls.
  • Fixed performance issues on all Safeguard maps.


  • Lightning 1A Chain Lightning – Can now hit the same target more than once and bounces 4 times instead of 3. Changed damage range from 10-15 -> 11-13.
  • Ice 2B – Reduced time to fully charge, increased speeds, and reduced damage.
    Time to full charge: 3s -> 2s. Cooldown from 3s -> 2.5s.
    Base: Speed 1000 -> 2800. Damage 40 -> 25.
    Half: Speed 1800 -> 3000. Damage 45 -> 30.
    Full: Speed 2000 -> 3000. Damage 50 -> 35.
  • Lightning 2A Energize – Increased healing from 20 -> 30. Changed Ratio of Healing to Mana from 0.2 -> 1.
  • Fire 4B Meteor Shower – Changed duration from 9s -> 3s. Increased amount of projectiles to 24.
  • Lightning 1B Shock (Formerly Spark) – Shortened range to 512, added healing of 50, and reduced damage dealt to enemies to 8-10. Cooldown 2s.
  • Earth 4B Bedrock – Changed to grenade style spell. Pull up a molten rock from deep in the earth which knocks back any nearby enemies and deals 30 damage to any nearby enemies. After 2 to 5 seconds it explodes dealing 40-50 damage in a wide radius.
  • Fire 1B Ignite – Spray fire in a wide cone in front of you. Does 11-13 damage on initial hit and then adds a debuff which causes 2-4 damage every 0.5s for 3s. Cooldown 3s.
  • Fire 2B Flash Fire – Changed blind time, players hit will now start reverting to normal view after 0.25s instead of 0.5s. It takes 0.5s to return fully to normal.
  • Nether 1 Chakram – Doubled damage momentum to Nether 1 from 2500 -> 5000.
  • Earth 2B – Changed Radius to 196. Reduced damage range from 28-30 -> 25-28 Fixed spell range indicator.



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