Patch Notes: v0.9.9.7 – May 5, 2017

This week’s patch isn’t large but with it we have completed a big goal: All 48 new progression spells are now in-game and we have new first person models for each class. There are 4 brand new spells in just this patch and we just launched a new website.

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The four new spells in action.


  • Added first person arm models for all classes.
  • Reduced the “Glow” of some Fire explosion effects that were causing a lot of visual clutter.
  • Added movement and utility spells to the help overlay “H” and made it larger so it’s easier to read.
  • Replaced Earth 2B Granite with a new spell: Tremor – Shatter rocks in the ground at the targeted location to do 28-30 damage in a medium radius and tossing any enemies caught into the air.
  • Replaced Earth 3A Daze with the old Earth 2B Granite.
  • Replaced Earth 4B Molten Rock with a new spell: Bedrock – Cast a large rock that does 35 damage in a large radius around where it lands and lasts for 15s.
  • Replaced Lightning 2B Frequency with a new spell: Ball Lightning – Cast a compacted ball of electricity which travels quickly exploding on impact with players or objects and dealing 28-32 damage in a medium radius.
  • Added Fire 3A Lavaflow to the game after fixing a bug where it’s particle effect would never disappear.
  • Updated all tooltips to reflect patch changes.


  • Nature 2A Anima Blast: Changed max charge time from 4s -> 2s. Changed Min-Max from 20-25 -> 21-23. Added sound cues for casting and charging the spell.
  • Earth 1B Fragment: Changed Max speed from 2000 -> 2500.
  • Earth 3B Rolling Boulder: Damage Multiplier reduced from 1.25 -> 0.5.
  • Fire 3B Implosion: Changed DMG Multiplier on Direct Hit from 125% to 50%. Changed speed from 1800 -> 1500.
  • Earth 2A Concussive: Cooldown from 4s -> 1s. Damage nerfed on all.
    Base: Min-Max Fuse time reduced from 4-4 -> 1-2. Damage Multiplier reduced from 1.25 -> 0.5.
    Half: Min-Max Fuse time reduced from 4-4 -> 2-3. Damage Multiplier reduced from 1.25 -> 0.5.
    Full:  Min-Max Fuse time reduced from 4-4 -> 3-4. Damage Multiplier reduced from 1.25 -> 0.5.
  • Ice 4A Stormfront: Cooldown increased from 25s -> 45s. Spell range reduced from 2000 -> 1600.
  • Lightning 1A Chain Lightning: Increased spell range from 1000 -> 2000. Decreased damage range from 20-25 -> 10-15. Reduced cooldown from 2s -> 1.5s.
  • Fire 3 Magma Bomb: Reduced collision size so this spell should be easier to use without accidentally hitting random objects.
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