Patch Notes: v0.9.9.6 – April 26, 2017

This week we have a smaller patch with some major changes to FFA Ruins and minor changes to FFA Sanctuary. The changes to FFA Ruins come directly from the great feedback gathered from the community playtests. Join our Discord (  ) for insider updates, Q&A, and twice weekly Dev playtests on Wed at 6 PM EST & Sat at 3 PM EST!


FFA Ruins:

  • Removed the third level platforms around the map.
  • Added blocking volumes to smooth pathing in many areas.
  • Removed spawns from bottom level positions and randomly around map. All players will now spawn within one of four main spawn rooms.
  • Many paths have been widened and others have had cover added to them.
  • The central area has been modified greatly. It is no longer an octagon and is instead in a square shape. This created a larger play area on top as well as within the central room.
  • Added and modified the cover on top of and inside of the central area.
  • Prettied up some of the static meshes with texture painted moss.
  • Added four new paths which lead from the bottom of one side of the spawn rooms and then connect to new center paths which lead under the central area.
  • Adjusted the lighting in various areas. Some will be darker and others lighter.
  • Adjusted reverb volumes within the new underground tunnels.
  • Added wind.
  • Added pathnodes so the AI can navigate properly.

FFA Sanctuary:

  • Removed the basement water area. This area was very frustrating to fight in and was a bad middle ground between a dangerous area and a normal one.
  • This map also got beautified by texture painted moss.
  • Changed out of bounds collision from AllButWeapons to BlockAll.
  • Changed the out of bounds rocks to more closely match those on FFA Ruins as both maps are in the same geographical location within the world.
  • Minor layout and collision changes in various areas.


  • Fixed an issue where the game version shown on the bottom left was hard to read.
  • Removed an unnecessary package (Grim_TestingGrounds) from the Startup Packages which are always loaded. This should be a minor performance help for some players.
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