Patch Notes: v0.9.9.5 – April 17, 2017

Patch Notes: v0.9.9.5 – April 17, 2017
Today’s patch is a mix of spell balancing and bug fixes. In addition we now have a new main menu, updated credits, and server browser. Also included is the introduction of Arcane points. As we get closer to F2P we will be testing out the new systems. Today’s patch is another big piece of the F2P puzzle. As always please send us your feedback and join our awesome community in Discord for a inside look at development.

Fire 1A Fireballs – Spell fires 3 projectiles per second.
Fire 2B Flash Fire – Changed blind effect from grey to white.
Fire 2A Hot Spot – Changed collision height from 8 -> 16 and radius from 4 -> 8.
Fire 4 Meteor Storm – Increased cooldown from 35s -> 60s.
Fire 4A Focus Fire – Increased cooldown from 1s -> 25s. Damage increased from 40-50 -> 45-55. (Created new Archetype for projectile, was previously using same as meteor storm)
Fire 4B Meteor Shower – Cooldown increased from 35s -> 60s.
Ice 1B Frigid – Removed gravity effect from projectile (Changed from Phys_Falling to Phys_Projectile).
Ice 4 Blizzard – Changed cooldown from 25s -> 45s. Changed damage range from 4-6 -> 5-6
Ice 4A Stormfront – Increased cooldown from 25s -> 60s. Changed damaging rate from 0.5 -> 0.25
Lightning 1A Chain Lightning – Increased distance needed for bounce attack.
Lightning 2A Energize – Increased cooldown from 1.5s -> 2s.
Lightning 3 Thunderstrike – Changed spell delay from 0.75s -> 1s. Changed damage range from 25-35 -> 30-35.
Lightning 4 Lightning Orb – Increased cooldown from 20s -> 45s. Increased damaging radius from 512 -> 768.
Lightning 4B Static Cloud – Increased cooldown from 20s -> 45s. Increased damaging radius from 512 -> 1024.
Ice 1 Ice Lance – Increased cooldown from 0.5s -> 1s. Changed size of particle effect slightly.
Nature 2A Anima Blast – Increased thickness of particle effect.
Nature 3A Groundskeeper: Changed healing rate from every 1s to every 0.5s. Also doubled the amount of each heal.
Nature 3B Ancient – Cooldown increased from 8s -> 15s. Attack Delay increased from 1.1s -> 2s. Damage decreased from 40 -> 35.
Nature 4 Tree of Life – Lasts for 15s. After 2s it heals for 15 per second. Cooldown increased from 45s -> 60s.
Nature 4B Entangling Roots – Lasts for 12s. After 2s heals allies for 10 every second. Slows any players hit by 30% for 6s. Cooldown increased from 45s -> 60s.
Earth 4 Lodestone – Increased cooldown from 35s -> 45s.
Earth 4A Rock Armor – Increased cooldown from 35s -> 60s. Increased damage from 30 -> 50.

Selectable Spells – Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect spells from being selected. All of the movement and utility spells should now be selecting and spawning properly.
FFA Futhark – Fixed a bug where ground casted spells weren’t working on some ramps. Also potential fix for some players FPS issues on this map.
Fixed a bug where some Nether spells weren’t doing damage in Safeguard.
Fixed various reported map bugs.

Added a new main menu and lowered music volume. Updated credits section (If you are an Alpha tester and don’t see your name message Brent.)
Added a new server browser.
Added Arcane points.
Fixed a bug where player stats weren’t being display on the Prestige menu.
Updated tooltips for all spells.

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