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Patch Notes: v1.1.5.0 – November 1, 2017

Servers will be down for 5-10 minutes while they update and restart.

This week’s patch is focused on optimization and balance. While most people didn’t have a big problem there are some who have been experiencing framerate drops and especially while in combat on servers with 10+ people. I was able to narrow down the problem to three main areas: overly complex collision and mesh count in some maps, unnecessary collision on many projectile spells, and the dynamic light in each player’s hand.

Fixing these problems should help a lot with stabilizing and increasing framerates so this will be a major focus over the next few weeks. In this patch I’ve optimized the dynamic player lights, consolidated collision in many maps, and removed the collision on all projectiles that didn’t need it. With these changes I’ve seen 30-50% FPS increases on my lower-end test laptop as well as a stabilization of FPS on the main machine.

There are still many optimizations to come but please keep sending in feedback. I especially want to hear if you were previously having major problems with less than 60 FPS while having at least the minimum PC specs. (2.4+ GHz processor, 4+ GB Memory, 512MB VRAM. ATI Radeon 3850 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce 8400 or higher.)

If you want more information on the game’s spells you can view the complete list here or join our small but friendly community on Discord. Big thanks to everyone for all the feedback and help! You can support us directly by visiting our website to buy concept art prints, classes, or make a donation.



Removed collision component from most projectiles.
Disabled dynamic lighting on all static meshes on all maps. Each character carries a dynamic light around with them which helps illuminate the character and show class colors. However, this seems to be the #1 cause for low framerates, especially in high population servers. In this patch I have kept the light but it will only light up the characters and not anything in the world.
Consolidated collision on the Market and Quarry maps. Slightly done on Slums. More to come in later patches.
Tweaked map based particle effects to be less demanding and on some maps removed effects that were causing large issues.
Switched back in some old Fire spell effects that were falsely suspected to be causing performance problems.
Conquest Slums – Minor layout changes, lighting changes, removed drifting fog, and various performance tweaks.
Conquest spawn time – Reduced from 20s -> 15s waves.



Nature 1A Anima Spores – Increased projectile speed from 1200 -> 1600.
Nature 2A Anima Blast – Lower lifetime of spell particle effect.
Nature 4A Four Ancients – Added a new sound for when the ancients are triggered.
Nature 3 Wisp – Fixed the retrigger icon.

Fire 1 Flames – Reduced the size of the spell effect so that it is easier to see your target.
Fire 1A Barrage – Increased projectile speed from 2000 -> 2500.
Fire 1B Ignite – Reduced cooldown from 3s -> 2s. Reduced initial damage from 130-110 -> 110-100. Reduced Damage over time from 3s -> 2s.
Fire 2A Conflagration  – Reduced the damage over time from 3s -> 2s.
Fire 4A Focus Fire – Buff damage radius and damage but slow the projectile speed. Increased cooldown from 25s -> 35s. Reduced damage from 55-45 -> 45. Increased damage radius from 300 -> 400. Reduced projectile speed from 800 -> 600. Changed animation.

Earth 2A Cluster Bomb – Reduced fuse time on all charge levels to 1s. Charging this spell will now increase its size and damage radius and when fully charged the fuse time is 3s..
Earth 2B Tremor – Increased the damage radius from 196 -> 256.
Earth 3B Rolling Boulder – Fixed a but that was causing this to do double damage in some cases.
Earth 4B Bedrock – Reduced the fuse time from 2-5s -> 3s. Fixed a bug where this spell was doing double damage on direct hit. Reduced initial damage from 45-55 -> 45-46. Reduced the fuse damage from 35 -> 25 and damage radius from 500 -> 386. Added a rumbling sound to warn of the coming explosion. Changed animation.

Ice 1A Gust – Reduced cooldown from 3s -> 2s. Reduced damage from 22-25 -> 20-22.
Ice 1B Frigid – Changed the spell’s hit effect and sound effect.

Nether 1A Leech – Reduced the lifesteal by 50% and increased the speed to 2500. Decreased damage from 10-15 -> 10-13.

Lightning 3 Lightning Strike – Reduced delay from 1s -> 0.5s.

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