Grimoire: Manastorm Launches Today!

Today, Grimoire: Manastorm has officially transitioned from an Early Access title to Omniconnection’s first full release! Speaking for our small team, we are incredibly excited to reach this point and can’t wait to see what you all think of all the changes.

We love online shooters, but we also feel there’s a lack of variety from major studios. As a small indie studio, we can take risks and we saw the opportunity to create a game that may not be AAA in scope, but one that offers players a unique experience motivated by creative passion.

Grimoire originally started out as a much larger project and was eventually refined to something more manageable as development went on and team members came and left. However, at it’s core the game has always been about delivering a unique and engaging multiplayer experience.

What we have today represents the work of six people and a handful of contractors but we could have never done it without our small but wonderful community. A huge thanks to all of you for everything and especially those who spent so much time helping us with bugs and balancing.

This has been a crazy journey for all of us and although we are proud to be releasing our first game we are going to focus on continuing to make impactful updates as long as possible. For now, please enjoy the game and as always we would love to hear what you think!

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