Grimoire: Manastorm is going Free-To-Play on July 18!

On July 18th at 8 AM PST Grimoire: Manastorm will be switching to a F2P system using the game’s 6 classes. Each week, 2 of the 6 classes will be temporarily unlocked and every few weeks replaced with new classes. All currently available content, including all 6 classes and 48 new customizable class spells, can be permanently unlocked using Arcane Points gained by playing Multiplayer games. Pre-F2P players have all automatically received the new class DLCs which will be available for purchase to new players through Steam. While this is a large update please remember that we are still working on the game and you will find bugs, imbalances in combat, and crashes.

Added since Jan, 2016:
– Arcane Points and Free-To-Play System. Earn points after each Multiplayer game and use them to unlock new spells and classes.
– Customizable class system with 48 new spells – Mix and match each class’s 4 spell slots with 8 new spells to fit your personal playstyle.
– Survival – a single player wave survival game mode with 2 difficulty levels.
– 6 new maps – Conquest Market, FFA Temple, FFA Market, FFA Sanctuary, FFA Ruins, and FFA Futhark.
– In-game Voice Chat
– Updated environment art and refined layouts for all maps.
– Tooltips with detailed descriptions for all class spells.
– Updated first and third person character models and textures.
– Countless bug fixes and performance updates.

Customizable Classes
As a part of the Free-To-Play system and Arcane Points we have added customizable classes with 8 new spells for each class. We have been working on this new spell progression system for a long time and it is very exciting to finally be releasing it to a larger audience. Here is how it works: Each class starts off with the current four Active spells and one passive spell. After every Multiplayer game, you will earn Arcane Points which can then be used to unlock eight new active spells per class (48 total). These new spells are designed so that players can customize each class to their preferred play style and role. Want to change Lightning into a short-range burst DPS class with a bit of healing? Find Fire boring as an area damage class? Tired of getting pushed around as Nature and want some more damage? With the new spells, you can do all of these things and more by mixing and matching to create entirely new combinations or multi-role classes. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Singleplayer Wave Survival
Survival is a basic and barebones wave survival mode with an objective to defend. Fight waves of undead warriors and mages as well as the occasional golem. The main goal behind releasing this mini-game is to give players a chance to test out new spells, classes, and general gameplay in a fun and challenging offline setting. This isn’t a huge epic campaign with lots of voice acting and cinematics and while we would love to develop a more traditional style single player campaign this is all we can currently afford. Depending on the response from the community we may spend more time adding on to it in the future but the initial release will be limited to these features.

Grimoire is the first game developed by Omniconnection and as a small independent game studio we are only as good as our community. With your help, patience, and support we have created a fun and challenging game. Now, after more than a year of development, the F2P update is finally ready. This is a huge step for the game and it is our hope it will bring in a whole new group of people to enjoy the game’s unique magical combat.

While development will continue no matter what happens, the scale and pace is entirely dependent on drastically increasing our revenue, so if you want to see the game really take off please consider purchasing a class. If you already own all the classes then please help us get the word out by sharing the game with friends, family, or even your favorite Let’s Player or Streamer!

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