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Welcome to all the new players, and a huge thanks to everyone for the great feedback. My name is Brent Caulfield and I am the Lead Developer and Owner of Omniconnection. In case someone missed it, Grimoire: Manastorm is now Free-To-Play! A detailed description and FAQ can be found on our website.

Overall, the Free-To-Play patch has been a success. As of today, there have been 7,000 new downloads, and the revenue will cover basic maintenance costs. There were two big bugs, one with Arcane Points displaying incorrectly and another which was crashing entire servers. These were uncommon and have been patched.

Unfortunately, revenue has been well below what was expected. Our marketing efforts have not met our goals and although the sales conversion rate is close to where it needs to be the total number of new players is simply too low to pay anything but server bills.

Grimoire has been developed over the last 4 years by a very small independent team and has been about 95% self-funded, with the rest coming from donations and Early Access sales. When we co-founded Omniconnection we were determined to make our ideal game into a reality. After a failed Kickstarter and a poor Early Access release my co-founder, the lead programmer, left the project. This was a devastating blow to the game and the programmer who replaced him also left later on that year. Although we have seen a good amount of setbacks, we have also pushed through with successes and recently released Free-to-play with custom classes and 48 new spells. The reason for bringing this up is because we want to give some context for the rest of the post and the state of the game. Although we have been able to find some great help (Thanks Saishy and Rachel!) the costs involved in replacing these key team members has been very high. I have been forced to cut many features and delay bug fixes in order to simply continue with developing the foundations of the game.

With all of that said, part of today’s announcement is that in about 3 months Grimoire: Manastorm will be leaving Steam Early Access and have its final release.  In this forum post you can see the changes we can afford to do with the current budget.

There are many things missing from this list including new movement/utility spells, countless minor bugs, simple upgrades to game modes like spectator mode, and of course no new classes. The reason for this is simple, without an increase in budget we can only afford one month of full-time contracted programming work.

This isn’t the announcement we were hoping to make after the F2P switch but it is the current state of the game and its future. The above list is what will be added to the game for its final release if nothing changes.

If you want to help us with the current final release list we can always use help reporting new bugs and testing bug fixes, submitting balance reports and spell/class feedback, and marketing by spreading the word on forums/Discords/Steam groups/etc.

If you want to help us add to the final release list then the primary thing needed is money. Today we have launched a new page on the website: where you can contribute a donation through Paypal, visit our new merchandise store to buy prints of the game’s concept art, purchases classes through Steam, or support us on Patreon. We are also looking for investors so if you are interested please email brentcaulfield[at] for more details.

All revenue will be spent directly on the game by fixing bugs, polishing gameplay, and adding features. In the next 3 months, the highest priority is for programming hours. However, if we reach our goals the game’s graphics and sound can begin to be improved as well.

Before ending, we want to once again say that the game will be finished regardless of the success of this fundraising. If you can help out it is incredibly appreciated but if you can’t please don’t think the game will be abandoned. No matter what happens we will release a fun game that most FPS players can enjoy. Thank you for supporting Grimoire and as always please leave any feedback, comments, or suggestions below.

TLDR: The F2P switch went smoothly but sales are going poorly. We have had to cut some features from the final release planned for the end of October. If you want to help us do more we have set up a few new ways people can support us.

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