Patch Notes: v0.9.9.8 – May 10, 2017

Today’s patch includes performance fixes for the Safeguard maps, balance changes to spells, and bug fixes. In addition, four spells got some big changes, like Lightning 1A Shock which can now heal allies at short range making it possible to have support spells in all slots. Another change is that Earth 4B Bedrock will now explode after 2-5 seconds dealing massive damage nearby. Lightning 1B Chain Lightning can now bounce 4 times and it can hit the same enemy more than once. The last big change to spells is that Fire 1B Ignite is now a single cast spell instead of sustained or channeled casting which makes it great to throw into a AOE Fire wizard’s spell rotation. In case you missed it last week we also just added new website.

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  • FFA_Ruins – Added more spawns to FFA Ruins. Fixed some minor layout issues and cosmetics.
  • Health Regen In Combat increased from 1 per second to 2 per second.
  • Health Regen Out of Combat increased from 10 per second to 20 per second.
  • Added culling volumes to some maps (minor performance fixes).
  • Added a new font.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Fixed all instances of non-coplanar polygons on blocking volumes on maps..


  • Earth 2B Tremor – Fixed a problem where the range indicator was longer than the spell range.
  • Lightning 2 Lightning Bolt – Fixed a bug where this spell’s particle effects weren’t showing up in multiplayer.
  • Stoneskin – There is a bug where your first person character model will display the wrong texture after using Stoneskin on all classes except Earth.
  • Fire 1B Ignite – No hand animation plays when this spell is used.
  • Server browser/Esc Menu bug – If you leave a server and return to the Main Menu using the Esc menu, then try to join a different server, it will take you back to the original server you were on.
    Temporary fix – If you want to join a different server just exit the game and then restart and navigate back to the server browser. The first server you join after opening the game for the first time is the one you will be “tied” to until you exit.
  • Fixed a bug in Safeguard where some sounds were unaffected by the volume controls.
  • Fixed performance issues on all Safeguard maps.


  • Lightning 1A Chain Lightning – Can now hit the same target more than once and bounces 4 times instead of 3. Changed damage range from 10-15 -> 11-13.
  • Ice 2B – Reduced time to fully charge, increased speeds, and reduced damage.
    Time to full charge: 3s -> 2s. Cooldown from 3s -> 2.5s.
    Base: Speed 1000 -> 2800. Damage 40 -> 25.
    Half: Speed 1800 -> 3000. Damage 45 -> 30.
    Full: Speed 2000 -> 3000. Damage 50 -> 35.
  • Lightning 2A Energize […]
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Patch Notes: v0.9.9.7 – May 5, 2017

This week’s patch isn’t large but with it we have completed a big goal: All 48 new progression spells are now in-game and we have new first person models for each class. There are 4 brand new spells in just this patch and we just launched a new website.

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The four new spells in action.


  • Added first person arm models for all classes.
  • Reduced the “Glow” of some Fire explosion effects that were causing a lot of visual clutter.
  • Added movement and utility spells to the help overlay “H” and made it larger so it’s easier to read.
  • Replaced Earth 2B Granite with a new spell: Tremor – Shatter rocks in the ground at the targeted location to do 28-30 damage in a medium radius and tossing any enemies caught into the air.
  • Replaced Earth 3A Daze with the old Earth 2B Granite.
  • Replaced Earth 4B Molten Rock with a new spell: Bedrock – Cast a large rock that does 35 damage in a large radius around where it lands and lasts for 15s.
  • Replaced Lightning 2B Frequency with a new spell: Ball Lightning – Cast a compacted ball of electricity which travels quickly exploding on impact with players or objects and dealing 28-32 damage in a medium radius.
  • Added Fire 3A Lavaflow to the game after fixing a bug where it’s particle effect would never disappear.
  • Updated all tooltips to reflect patch changes.


  • Nature 2A Anima Blast: Changed max charge time from 4s -> 2s. Changed Min-Max from 20-25 -> 21-23. Added sound cues for casting and charging the spell.
  • Earth 1B Fragment: Changed Max speed from 2000 -> 2500.
  • Earth 3B Rolling Boulder: Damage Multiplier reduced from 1.25 -> 0.5.
  • Fire 3B Implosion: Changed DMG Multiplier on Direct Hit from 125% to 50%. Changed speed from 1800 -> 1500.
  • Earth 2A Concussive: Cooldown from 4s -> 1s. Damage nerfed on all.
    Base: Min-Max Fuse time reduced from 4-4 -> 1-2. Damage Multiplier reduced from 1.25 -> 0.5.
    Half: Min-Max Fuse time reduced from 4-4 -> 2-3. Damage Multiplier reduced from 1.25 -> 0.5.
    Full:  Min-Max Fuse time reduced from 4-4 -> 3-4. Damage Multiplier reduced from 1.25 -> 0.5.
  • Ice 4A Stormfront: Cooldown increased from 25s -> 45s. Spell range reduced from 2000 -> 1600.
  • Lightning 1A Chain Lightning: Increased spell range from 1000 -> 2000. Decreased damage range from 20-25 -> 10-15. Reduced cooldown from 2s -> 1.5s.
  • Fire 3 Magma Bomb: Reduced collision size so this spell should be easier to use without accidentally hitting random objects.
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Patch Notes: v0.9.9.6 – April 26, 2017

This week we have a smaller patch with some major changes to FFA Ruins and minor changes to FFA Sanctuary. The changes to FFA Ruins come directly from the great feedback gathered from the community playtests. Join our Discord (  ) for insider updates, Q&A, and twice weekly Dev playtests on Wed at 6 PM EST & Sat at 3 PM EST!


FFA Ruins:

  • Removed the third level platforms around the map.
  • Added blocking volumes to smooth pathing in many areas.
  • Removed spawns from bottom level positions and randomly around map. All players will now spawn within one of four main spawn rooms.
  • Many paths have been widened and others have had cover added to them.
  • The central area has been modified greatly. It is no longer an octagon and is instead in a square shape. This created a larger play area on top as well as within the central room.
  • Added and modified the cover on top of and inside of the central area.
  • Prettied up some of the static meshes with texture painted moss.
  • Added four new paths which lead from the bottom of one side of the spawn rooms and then connect to new center paths which lead under the central area.
  • Adjusted the lighting in various areas. Some will be darker and others lighter.
  • Adjusted reverb volumes within the new underground tunnels.
  • Added wind.
  • Added pathnodes so the AI can navigate properly.

FFA Sanctuary:

  • Removed the basement water area. This area was very frustrating to fight in and was a bad middle ground between a dangerous area and a normal one.
  • This map also got beautified by texture painted moss.
  • Changed out of bounds collision from AllButWeapons to BlockAll.
  • Changed the out of bounds rocks to more closely match those on FFA Ruins as both maps are in the same geographical location within the world.
  • Minor layout and collision changes in various areas.


  • Fixed an issue where the game version shown on the bottom left was hard to read.
  • Removed an unnecessary package (Grim_TestingGrounds) from the Startup Packages which are always loaded. This should be a minor performance help for some players.
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Patch Notes: v0.9.9.5 – April 17, 2017

Patch Notes: v0.9.9.5 – April 17, 2017
Today’s patch is a mix of spell balancing and bug fixes. In addition we now have a new main menu, updated credits, and server browser. Also included is the introduction of Arcane points. As we get closer to F2P we will be testing out the new systems. Today’s patch is another big piece of the F2P puzzle. As always please send us your feedback and join our awesome community in Discord for a inside look at development.

Fire 1A Fireballs – Spell fires 3 projectiles per second.
Fire 2B Flash Fire – Changed blind effect from grey to white.
Fire 2A Hot Spot – Changed collision height from 8 -> 16 and radius from 4 -> 8.
Fire 4 Meteor Storm – Increased cooldown from 35s -> 60s.
Fire 4A Focus Fire – Increased cooldown from 1s -> 25s. Damage increased from 40-50 -> 45-55. (Created new Archetype for projectile, was previously using same as meteor storm)
Fire 4B Meteor Shower – Cooldown increased from 35s -> 60s.
Ice 1B Frigid – Removed gravity effect from projectile (Changed from Phys_Falling to Phys_Projectile).
Ice 4 Blizzard – Changed cooldown from 25s -> 45s. Changed damage range from 4-6 -> 5-6
Ice 4A Stormfront – Increased cooldown from 25s -> 60s. Changed damaging rate from 0.5 -> 0.25
Lightning 1A Chain Lightning – Increased distance needed for bounce attack.
Lightning 2A Energize – Increased cooldown from 1.5s -> 2s.
Lightning 3 Thunderstrike – Changed spell delay from 0.75s -> 1s. Changed damage range from 25-35 -> 30-35.
Lightning 4 Lightning Orb – Increased cooldown from 20s -> 45s. Increased damaging radius from 512 -> 768.
Lightning 4B Static Cloud – Increased cooldown from 20s -> 45s. Increased damaging radius from 512 -> 1024.
Ice 1 Ice Lance – Increased cooldown from 0.5s -> 1s. Changed size of particle effect slightly.
Nature 2A Anima Blast – Increased thickness of particle effect.
Nature 3A Groundskeeper: Changed healing rate from every 1s to every 0.5s. Also doubled the amount of each heal.
Nature 3B Ancient – Cooldown increased from 8s -> 15s. Attack Delay increased from 1.1s -> 2s. Damage decreased from 40 -> 35.
Nature 4 Tree of Life – Lasts for 15s. After 2s it heals for 15 per second. Cooldown increased from 45s -> 60s.
Nature 4B Entangling Roots – Lasts for 12s. After 2s heals allies for 10 every second. Slows any players hit by 30% for 6s. Cooldown increased from 45s -> 60s.
Earth 4 Lodestone – Increased cooldown from 35s -> 45s.
Earth 4A Rock Armor – Increased cooldown from 35s -> 60s. Increased damage from 30 -> 50.

Selectable Spells – Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect spells from being selected. All of the movement and utility spells should now be selecting and spawning properly.
FFA Futhark – Fixed a bug where ground casted spells weren’t working on some ramps. Also potential fix for some players FPS issues on this map.
Fixed a bug where some Nether spells weren’t doing damage in Safeguard.
Fixed various reported map bugs.

Added a new main menu and lowered music volume. Updated […]

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Patch Notes: v0.9.9.2 – Feb. 22, 2017

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Patch Notes: v0.9.9.1 – Feb. 15, 2017

This week’s patch introduces a new game mode called Arena. There were requests in Discord chat for a easier way to play 1v1 and other small number games. This inspired me to dust off the cobwebs from a old game mode from early Alpha testing (Pre-Steam) days.

Arena is a round based gamemode where each player gets one death per round. First team to win 7 rounds wins the map. Rounds are 3 minutes long with 10 second delay between rounds.

Join us for a playtest tonight at 9 PM EST and please let us know how you like it!

New gamemode: Arena. Three maps: Arena_Castle, Arena_Duel, Arena_Caves

Nether 3B Nether Blast – Increased range from 300 -> 512.
Earth 2A Concussive – Base: Reduced Proj collision from 32 height to 16. Reduced Bonus Damage on DH from 10 -> 5. Reduced Damage Multiplier on DH from 50% to 25%. Half: Reduced Proj collision from 48 height to 24. Reduced Bonus Damage on DH from 10 -> 5. Reduced Damage Multiplier on DH from 50% to 25%.
Ice 4 Stormfront – Increased damage range from 18-20 -> 24-28.
Lightning 1B Spark – Increased Spell Range from 360 -> 512.

Fixed a bug where Earth 3 Erupt’s particle effect wasn’t playing.

Quarry maps – Changed up the layout around the tavern’s table areas so that they are easier to navigate.

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Patch Notes: v0.9.9.0 – Feb. 4, 2017

Today’s patch is a mix of balance changes, spell bug fixes, and map polish. As we get closer to F2P the frequency of patches will increase while we balance and polish. We are extremely thankful for any feedback and bug reports. Please join us on Discord[] or simply email ( to let us know what you think!


  • The following spells are now correctly replicating particle effects: Lightning 1, Lightning 2B Energize, Fire 1, Ice 1A Gust
  • Earth 4A Rock Armor – Fixed a bug where the character’s material wasn’t changing and Movement spells were disabled.
  • Fixed bugs with Earth and Fire’s first person hand particle effects. Visibility should be much better now.
  • Fire 1A Fireballs – Fixed a bug where the firing sound was playing continuously.
  • Earth 4B Molten Rock – Fixed a problem with the spell’s projectiles which were colliding with the initial rock.


  • Ice 1A Gust – Reduced damage from 22-25 -> 11-13 because the spell is hitting twice.
  • Fire 3B Implosion – Reduced Damage Multiplier on Direct Hit from 2 -> 1.25.
  • Lightning 2B Frequency – Changed Cooldown from 0.25s -> 1s. Increased Damage Range to 15-18. Increased Trace Extent to 10.
  • Fire 3B Implosion – Increased pulse range from 96 -> 100.
  • Lightning 3B Energy Storm – Increased Thunderstrike Rate from 0.25 -> 0.5
  • Lightning 2 Lightning Bolt – Shortened the lifetime of the particle effect. Increased cooldown from 1.5s -> 2s. Increased min damage from 26 -> 30. Increased Trace Extent to 10.
  • Nether 2 Rift – Increased tick rate from 0.25s -> 0.5s. Increased damage per tick from 4 -> 8.
  • Nether 2A Manafeast – Increased tick rate from 0.25s -> 0.5s. Increased damage per tick from 2 -> 4.
  • Nether 2B Folded Space – Increased tick rate from 0.25s -> 0.5s. Increased damage per tick from 2 -> 4.
  • Ice 1 Icelance – Increased trace extent from 5 -> 10. Increase trace range from 768 -> 1024. Increased cooldown from 0.1s -> 0.5s. Increased damage to 10-15.


  • FFA and Conquest Temple – Reduced ambient sound volume by 50%.
  • FFA and Conquest Market – Reduced ambient sound volume by 50%.
  • FFA Quarry – Fixed the loading screen.
  • FFA and Conquest Quarry – Fixed multiple spots where players could get stuck.


  • Changed the third person camera perspective back to normal.
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