Grimoire: Manastorm Launches Today!

Today, Grimoire: Manastorm has officially transitioned from an Early Access title to Omniconnection’s first full release! Speaking for our small team, we are incredibly excited to reach this point and can’t wait to see what you all think of all the changes.

We love online shooters, but we also feel there’s a lack of variety from major studios. As a small indie studio, we can take risks and we saw the opportunity to create a game that may not be AAA in scope, but one that offers players a unique experience motivated by creative passion.

Grimoire originally started out as a much larger project and was eventually refined to something more manageable as development went on and team members came and left. However, at it’s core the game has always been about delivering a unique and engaging multiplayer experience.

What we have today represents the work of six people and a handful of contractors but we could have never done it without our small but wonderful community. A huge thanks to all of you for everything and especially those who spent so much time helping us with bugs and balancing.

This has been a crazy journey for all of us and although we are proud to be releasing our first game we are going to focus on continuing to make impactful updates as long as possible. For now, please enjoy the game and as always we would love to hear what you think!

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Grimoire leaves Early Access on October 26 with 25% bonus Arcane points until launch!

Starting this week players will be able to take advantage of a 25% Arcane Point boost in the weeks leading up to the final release date of October 26th. We weren’t able to add everything we wanted but the game is the best it’s ever been (plus you can’t beat the price) and it’s almost time to leave Early Access.

Leading up to release we have a new playtest schedule:

Tuesdays – 6pm PDT / 3am CEST (Wednesday)

Wednesdays – 6pm PDT / 3am CEST (Thursday)

Thursdays – 12pm PDT / 9pm CEST

Saturdays – 12pm PDT / 9pm CEST

The post-F2P patches have added many bug fixes, greatly improved balance, and improved performance on all maps. In addition to these basic improvements we have also added some much needed features like objective indicators, better animations, new spells, multiple class reworks, and many gameplay improvements.

There is more to come over the next few weeks but now is a great time to jump in and play if you haven’t before. Spells and classes will be much easier to unlock and now is the perfect chance to learn the game before the big launch.
If you want to connect with the community we have a growing Discord that is great for arranging games or just chatting about the game. As always a huge thanks to the community for supporting us over the years. We hope that you all enjoy the game and can’t wait to see what class loadouts everyone comes up with!

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Free-To-Play and State of the Game

Welcome to all the new players, and a huge thanks to everyone for the great feedback. My name is Brent Caulfield and I am the Lead Developer and Owner of Omniconnection. In case someone missed it, Grimoire: Manastorm is now Free-To-Play! A detailed description and FAQ can be found on our website.

Overall, the Free-To-Play patch has been a success. As of today, there have been 7,000 new downloads, and the revenue will cover basic maintenance costs. There were two big bugs, one with Arcane Points displaying incorrectly and another which was crashing entire servers. These were uncommon and have been patched.

Unfortunately, revenue has been well below what was expected. Our marketing efforts have not met our goals and although the sales conversion rate is close to where it needs to be the total number of new players is simply too low to pay anything but server bills.

Grimoire has been developed over the last 4 years by a very small independent team and has been about 95% self-funded, with the rest coming from donations and Early Access sales. When we co-founded Omniconnection we were determined to make our ideal game into a reality. After a failed Kickstarter and a poor Early Access release my co-founder, the lead programmer, left the project. This was a devastating blow to the game and the programmer who replaced him also left later on that year. Although we have seen a good amount of setbacks, we have also pushed through with successes and recently released Free-to-play with custom classes and 48 new spells. The reason for bringing this up is because we want to give some context for the rest of the post and the state of the game. Although we have been able to find some great help (Thanks Saishy and Rachel!) the costs involved in replacing these key team members has been very high. I have been forced to cut many features and delay bug fixes in order to simply continue with developing the foundations of the game.

With all of that said, part of today’s announcement is that in about 3 months Grimoire: Manastorm will be leaving Steam Early Access and have its final release.  In this forum post you can see the changes we can afford to do with the current budget.

There are many things missing from this list including new movement/utility spells, countless minor bugs, simple upgrades to game modes like spectator mode, and of course no new classes. The reason for this is simple, without an increase in budget we can only afford one month of full-time contracted programming work.

This isn’t the announcement we were hoping to make after the F2P switch but it is the current state of the game and its future. The above list is what will be added to the game for its final release if nothing changes.

If you want to help us with the current final release list we can always use help reporting new bugs and testing bug fixes, submitting balance reports and […]

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Grimoire: Manastorm is going Free-To-Play on July 18!

On July 18th at 8 AM PST Grimoire: Manastorm will be switching to a F2P system using the game’s 6 classes. Each week, 2 of the 6 classes will be temporarily unlocked and every few weeks replaced with new classes. All currently available content, including all 6 classes and 48 new customizable class spells, can be permanently unlocked using Arcane Points gained by playing Multiplayer games. Pre-F2P players have all automatically received the new class DLCs which will be available for purchase to new players through Steam. While this is a large update please remember that we are still working on the game and you will find bugs, imbalances in combat, and crashes.

Added since Jan, 2016:
– Arcane Points and Free-To-Play System. Earn points after each Multiplayer game and use them to unlock new spells and classes.
– Customizable class system with 48 new spells – Mix and match each class’s 4 spell slots with 8 new spells to fit your personal playstyle.
– Survival – a single player wave survival game mode with 2 difficulty levels.
– 6 new maps – Conquest Market, FFA Temple, FFA Market, FFA Sanctuary, FFA Ruins, and FFA Futhark.
– In-game Voice Chat
– Updated environment art and refined layouts for all maps.
– Tooltips with detailed descriptions for all class spells.
– Updated first and third person character models and textures.
– Countless bug fixes and performance updates.

Customizable Classes
As a part of the Free-To-Play system and Arcane Points we have added customizable classes with 8 new spells for each class. We have been working on this new spell progression system for a long time and it is very exciting to finally be releasing it to a larger audience. Here is how it works: Each class starts off with the current four Active spells and one passive spell. After every Multiplayer game, you will earn Arcane Points which can then be used to unlock eight new active spells per class (48 total). These new spells are designed so that players can customize each class to their preferred play style and role. Want to change Lightning into a short-range burst DPS class with a bit of healing? Find Fire boring as an area damage class? Tired of getting pushed around as Nature and want some more damage? With the new spells, you can do all of these things and more by mixing and matching to create entirely new combinations or multi-role classes. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Singleplayer Wave Survival
Survival is a basic and barebones wave survival mode with an objective to defend. Fight waves of undead warriors and mages as well as the occasional golem. The main goal behind releasing this mini-game is to give players a chance to test out new spells, classes, and general gameplay in a fun and challenging offline setting. This isn’t a huge epic campaign with lots of voice acting and cinematics […]

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Customizable class update with 48 new spells, new maps, and a new game mode!

We have exciting news this week, after 8 months of development followed by a furious last few weeks of bug fixing, we are now finally launching a huge update. This is a major step towards launching the Free-to-Play transition and represents much of the content you will see in that update.

For the next few weeks your help will be crucial for helping us balance and bug test the customizable class system with it’s 48 new spells, new maps, and a new game mode. If you have been watching and waiting, now is the time to jump in and play!

There are many great changes and bug fixes between the old build and this new one so instead of going through every single detail I am just going to highlight the main features. If anyone would like to see detailed Patch Notes they can always be found on our Discord[] channel.

Major Features:
– Customizable class system with 48 new spells – Mix and match each class’s 4 spell slots with 8 new spells to fit your personal playstyle.
– Safeguard – a single player wave survival game mode with 3 difficulty levels.
– 4 new maps – Conquest Market, FFA Temple, FFA Market, and FFA Futhark.
– Updated environment art and refined layouts for all maps.
– Tooltips with detailed descriptions for all class spells.
– Updated character models and textures.

The bi-weekly playtests will continue Wednesdays at 9 PM EST and Saturdays at 3 PM EST but don’t worry if you can’t make it! By joining our Discord[] server you can easily find people to play with, as well as discuss the latest updates and class builds.

We are incredibly happy to be finally releasing this to the public and can’t wait to hear your feedback so please let us know what you think! I’d like to give a huge Thank You to all the people who have helped us over the past months and also to the whole community for being patient with the development pace. With your help we can make Grimoire great!

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