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Grimoire will soon be switching to a Free-to-Play model based on the game’s classes. All owners of the game at that time will then be granted the “Ultimate pack”. This will give access to all current classes as well as any future classes that are added to the game. There will also be special bonuses as a reward for being an early supporter (More info coming soon).

All spells and classes can be unlocked by for free by playing the game. The starting class and spells are just as effective as any spell you can unlock at future times. There is no “Gold” Mana or anything that could give an edge up in game-play.

Free users will be able to earn classes by playing the game, purchasing them individually, or as a bundle. If you are thinking about buying the game please keep this in mind. More details available in DevBlog #38 and #39.

There will be NO Pay-To-Win products. Anything that cannot be earned through game-play will be purely cosmetic and will give no game-play advantage.

What if I want to play now?

If you don’t want to wait for F2P or just want to help support development, Early Access is available through the Steam widget below. Grimoire is made by a tiny indie team and we are extremely appreciative of all support.