Patch Notes: v0.9.9.98 – July 8, 2017

Patch Notes: v0.9.9.98 – July 8, 2017

Today’s patch includes some new spells to replace some of the progression spells which were too repetitive or didn’t work with design goals for that class. We also have some major changes to Conquest and FFA Temple with updated layouts, cover, and lighting. In addition, there are many balance changes and performance fixes for other maps. Finally, we have added a long-needed feature and in Conquest mode there are now objective indicators above each ley-line.

We have also made great progress with the F2P patch and now have the entire system working and ready to go! Once we finalize the release date and time we will have a big announcement post along with a new trailer. For now I can say that you can expect the release before the end of the month! Big thanks to everyone for being patient and for all our awesome playtesters.

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  • Conquest and FFA Temple: The temple building has had some layout changes. Added cover and more high ground to the central area. Also made some minor layout changes and slightly increased the overall size of the building. Changed the layouts surrounding the starting ley-lines on both sides refined the main pathways between each team’s 1st ley-lines and added back alley paths as well. Various performance tweaks so FPS should now be 10-15% higher. Added some extra ambient sounds.
  • Fixed some collision/pathing issues on Quarry maps.
  • Fixed some collision problems and performance tweaks to Sanctuary.
  • Updated Futhark paths to add more ramps up to the 2nd level and removed a teleporter.
  • Adjusted character lighting on all maps.
  • Conquest and FFA Market – Reduced the snow particle effect which should result in a 20-50% FPS increase for most players.
  • Reduced ambient sound in Conquest Slums.
  • Updated Minimap for all Conquest maps.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to only be able to join one server after leaving a game through the escape menu.


  • Nature will now heal herself for 80% instead of 50%.
  • Nature 2 Anima Blossom – Reduced charge time to 1s. Decreased damage bonus on charge by 75%. Increased base damage from 18-20 -> 25-30. Increased the on-ground health pickup from 3 -> 25. Increased lifespan of health pickup from 3s -> 5s.
  • New Nature 4A Four Ancients – Summon 4 ancient ones which fall to the ground in the targeted area. These wait for enemies to come nearby and then grow in size and launch themselves at the enemy causing 25 damage in a large area on impact.
  • Fire 2A Hot Spot – Added Fire Damage over Time, Reduced the pulse range of the half charge from 64 -> 32 (the same as basic charge)., Reduced the pulse range of the full charge from 72 -> 32. Increased damage of half charge from 30 -> 32. Changed particle effect on all projectiles. Added new explosion sounds. Removed damage range.
  • Fire 2B Flash Fire – Reduced damage radius by 50%.
  • Fire 3A Lavaflow – Changed the particle effects.
  • Fire 3B Implosion – Changed the way this spell bounces and reduced its hitbox. Fixed a bug where this spell was doing 50% less damage on Direct hit. It should now be doing the intended damage.
  • Lightning 1B Shock – Fixed damage. Hits enemies for 26 and heals allies for 50. Added slight knockback.
  • Lightning 2B Ball Lightning – Removed damage range. This spell now does 32 damage. Fully charging this spell doubles its size and damage radius.
  • New Ice 1B Frigid – Channel to quickly cast small shards of hardened ice which travel quickly and deal 14 to 15 damage in a very small radius on impact. Each shard consumes 5 Mana.
  • Ice 1A Gust – Animation not working. Increased range from 386 -< 512. Decreased angle of hit by 50%.
  • Ice 2B Penetrating Cold – Increased damage by 25%.
  • Ice 4A Stormfront – Increased spell range from 1600 -> 2000. Player can now move while casting.
  • Ice 4B Nebula – Decreased projectile speed. Decreased cooldown. Increased spawn offset X by 128 so that the spell now spawns further in front of the player.
  • Nether 2 – Changed animation and reduced the indicator size to properly reflect the damaging area.
  • Nether 4 and 4B – Enemies hit by this spell are now only disabled for 2 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
  • New Nether 4A Voidstrike – Cast a void portal which opens to the nether after 3 seconds and then deals 40 – 50 damage to anyone nearby.
  • Earth 2A Concussive – Nerfed damage on hit bonus. Reduced from 5 -> 1 on all versions.
  • Utility Spell: Placeable Trap – Changed the delay from when the trap is activated to when it appears from 0.5s to 0.1s.


  • Added objective indicators for Conquest mode. Swords for points to attack and Shields for points to defend.
  • Conquest – changed score to win from 1200 -> 1500.
  • Time to leave combat reduced from 4s to 3s.
  • Updated Fire and Nature on player hit effects.
  • Updated player’s minimap icon to be more visible.
  • Changed the rock material for Stoneskin and Earth 4A Rock Armor.
  • Earth 2B and 4A – Added new First person casting animations
  • Survival – Decreased the time between sound cues for the Arcane skeletons (exploding ones with no arms) so that the player can better hear them coming. Decreased momentum amount by 50%. Reduced run speed from 350 -> 300. Skeleton Warrior – Reduced run speed from 300 -> 280.
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