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Patch Notes: v1.2.2.0 – November 26, 2017

Servers will be down for 5-10 minutes while they update and restart.

Today’s patch is focused on the Conquest maps and adds a new map called Forest plus some major layout changes to Quarry, Temple, and Market. There are also some minor bug fixes and other changes to other maps. I’ve also removed the “Alpha Notice” from the options menu. This was unintentionally left in the post-Early Access patches. I was confused as to why some people were reviewing the game as “Alpha” and so I just want to apologize for the confusion this has caused. The game as it currently stands should be considered a final product and there will be no major changes made unless I am able to find an investor or buyer. I’ll be posting a DevBlog explaining all of this in more detail next week.

If you want more information on the game’s spells you can view the complete list here or join our small but friendly community on Discord. Big thanks to everyone for all the feedback and help! You can support us directly by visiting our website to buy concept art prints, classes, or make a donation.

Conquest Forest

This new map is now the game’s largest and is centered on a small fishing village. It features a easily defended center with only 3 very narrow paths and a walled central area.

Outside of the village itself the layout is more wide open than other maps and it will be important to use long range classes like Lightning as well as player made cover like the placeable shield.

Some of our more veteran players will remember an older version of this map from back in 2015 and I hope it is as well received now as it was then. As always I welcome any and all feedback.

Conquest Market

One thing I’ve been wanting to fix for awhile is a consolidation of the paths on many maps. This will help to better funnel combat especially when there are only a few people on each map. On Market the major problem area was in the raised platform area that could be easily reached from the outer paths in the central area.

I’ve reduced the high ground advantage of these areas and also removed a large portion of the area in general making it easier to catch and fight flankers. I’ve also removed the bridges from the outer center paths to these areas so players are forced to at least use a Manashift to reach them.

Conquest Quarry

The combat flow on this map felt pretty good to me already but I wanted to remove the outermost flanking path on the high ground areas near each team’s starting point.

There may be a few more minor changes needed but this should help fix some of the more sneaky flanking paths.

Conquest Temple

This map had the biggest problems with flanking and I have been wanting to make this change for a while now. The path between the two starting points was way too short before and in many cases newer players would completely miss it and then be flanked really badly by veteran players.

I’ve entirely removed the shortest path and although there is still an open area near the center it is closed off and could be a death trap in many cases.

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