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Patch Notes: v1.0.1.2 – July 22, 2017

With the Free-To-Play switch comes a ton of great feedback on balance and this weekend’s patch is a direct result of that feedback. If you would like to join our small but growing community we have a Discord and also recently launched a new Forums (WIP).  Included in today’s patch are buffs to Earth’s starting primary, nerfs to many healing spells, and a few random bug fixes. We also have fixed the -1 Arcane Points bug that many players were experiencing the first few days. The other big change are performance tweaks to some Fire spell effects that seem to be causing FPS lag.

Earth 1 Burst – Increased speed of projectiles to 3000, Decreased projectile lifespan from 5s -> 0.5s (Range 1500). Decreased projectile size by 50%, reduced spread from 100 to 20. Reduced size of explosion effects.
Earth 1A Pebbles – Reduced projectile lifespan from 3s -> 1s (Range 2500). Decreased DPS by 25% from 45-60 -> 33-45. Increased mana cost from 2 per shot to 5.
Earth 3A Granite – Reduced projectile from 30-38 -> 20-22. Reduced triggered explosion from 30 -> 15. Decreased explosion radius by 25%.
Ice 4 Blizzard – Reduced the size of damage radius by 25% from 768 -> 576.
Ice 2B Penetrating Cold – Reduced cooldown from 2.5s -> 2s. Reduced charge time from 2s -> 1s.
Lightning 3A Energy Well – This spell is just simply too good. It heals for 10 health and 10 mana every 0.5s for 3s. Increased cooldown from 10s ->  15s.
Nature 1A Healing spores – Increase healing slightly. Increased damage range from 2-4 -> 3-4 every 0.25s. Increased homing range from 150 -> 200.
Nature 1 Thorns – Increased range from 1200 to 1500. Increased DPS from 16-24 -> 20-24.
Lightning 2A Energize – Decreased damage range from 20-30 -> 22-25. Decreased healing done from 30 -> 25.
Nature 4 Tree of Life – Increased range from 512 -> 768. Decreased healing done from every 0.5s -> every 1s for 15s. Heals for 15.
Nature Passive – Increase the cooldown on this spell from 1 minute to 2 minutes.
Fire 3A Lavaflow – Change fire sound cue.
Fire 1B Ignite – Reduce cone size. Reduce damage range. 23-37 is too wide. – Reduced damage range from 23-37 -> 29-37.

Fixed a problem where Nether 2, 2A, and 2B were all able to be cast on the side of objects.
Ice 4A Stormfront – Fixed a bug where this spell wasn’t properly damaging on some surfaces.
Fixed a bug with the Arcane Points system that was causing crashes and showed player’s Arcane Points as  -1.
Nether 4A and 4B weren’t lasting long enough. These spells should now be working properly again.

Fire 2B Flash Fire – Replaced the old particle effect with a new one.
Fire spell effects seem to be causing lag. Reducing some of the effects to improve performance.
Reduced the volume of the starting music.

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