Customizable class update with 48 new spells, new maps, and a new game mode!

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We have exciting news this week, after 8 months of development followed by a furious last few weeks of bug fixing, we are now finally launching a huge update. This is a major step towards launching the Free-to-Play transition and represents much of the content you will see in that update.

For the next few weeks your help will be crucial for helping us balance and bug test the customizable class system with it’s 48 new spells, new maps, and a new game mode. If you have been watching and waiting, now is the time to jump in and play!


There are many great changes and bug fixes between the old build and this new one so instead of going through every single detail I am just going to highlight the main features. If anyone would like to see detailed Patch Notes they can always be found on our Discord channel.

Major Features:

– Customizable class system with 48 new spells – Mix and match each class’s 4 spell slots with 8 new spells to fit your personal playstyle.

– Safeguard – a single player wave survival game mode with 3 difficulty levels.

– 4 new maps – Conquest Market, FFA Temple, FFA Market, and FFA Futhark.

– Updated environment art and refined layouts for all maps.

– Tooltips with detailed descriptions for all class spells.

– Updated character models and textures.


The bi-weekly playtests will continue Wednesdays at 9 PM EST and Saturdays at 3 PM EST but don’t worry if you can’t make it! By joining our Discord server you can easily find people to play with, as well as discuss the latest updates and class builds.


We are incredibly happy to be finally releasing this to the public and can’t wait to hear your feedback so please let us know what you think! I’d like to give a huge Thank You to all the people who have helped us over the past months and also to the whole community for being patient with the development pace. With your help we can make Grimoire great!

DevBlog #47 – General F2P update and a new map preview!

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Hello everyone! This DevBlog will be focused on a general update and will also include a preview of our newest map, FFA Futhark. As I have mentioned previously the latest version of the game can be found on the beta version which can be downloaded by following these steps. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to join us in our official Discord server. This is the best place to get updates and find other people to play with.

The Free-To-Play update is coming along well but there have obviously been some delays since the last DevBlog. Saishy, our lead programmer, recently wrote a response to our most commonly received question.

Why the (F2P) delay?
A person was hired to make the system that would put it all together, the menu to select the new spells, the server check to see if you owned things, the store system to buy new things, and so on…

Unfortunately the person due to unforeseen circumstances left without finishing the job, leaving us with a game that work worse than before, making us unable to push a broken game to release.

Now not only we had to wait until the occupied members had time to start working on the system after their previous set work, but we also have to undo all the problems that the unfinished system has set and start from zero again. A terrible job might I say.

Sorry everyone for the wait, but believe me when I say it’s worse on our hearts :’c

We aren’t looking for sympathy but she is absolutely right when saying that this is really tough on us. However please know that we are working incredibly hard on fixing things (especially Saishy) and are 100% committed to getting it done. As I mentioned in previous posts the first update major game update will come before the actual F2P switch and will include most of the 48 new spells. The only thing holding this back right now is a bug which affects a lot of the new spells. As soon as that bug is squashed we will launch a huge update that will include everything you can find in the latest beta build along with a bunch of new stuff including our newest map – FFA Futhark.

devblog47_01Now on to the newest map. Some of you may recognize the layout from the early block out  which has been on the beta version for a couple months now. After playtesting (Thanks all) I have used one of our environment packs to add in final art and it is now ready for release and final playtesting.

devblog47_02This map will introduce a unique play area with three height levels where strategic use of movement spells will be extremely important. The multiple levels and a maze like ground level come together for what should be very intense and challenging gameplay.

devblog47_03I have high hopes for this map and can’t wait to see what you all think of it!

devblog47_04As always I want to thank our awesome community for the continued support and patience. I know that it is frustrating to have to wait so long for these updates so a big thank you to everyone for not breaking out the torches and pitchforks!


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DevBlog #46 – Biweekly Dev Playtests starting again this week!

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Greetings all! I am happy to announce that starting tonight we will once again be playing the twice weekly Dev Playtests – Wednesdays at 9 PM EST and Saturdays at 3 PM EST. Now that we have 34 of the 48 new spells in game it is important that we start getting in some solid play time so that we can balance and bug fix. In addition to the new spells we also have 2 new maps Conquest – Market and FFA Futhark as well as spell tooltips, various changes to all maps, and new team stylized looks for each class.

In case you missed last week’s DevBlog the image below shows the easy steps to enable the beta testing version on Steam. You will need to download and install this version to participate in the next few Dev Playtests.


As a bonus this version also includes an unfinished version of our single player wave survival game mode called Safeguard. You can find this and it’s three difficulty settings on the Play menu of the beta version (v0.9.8.4).

Both the multiplayer and single player in v0.9.8.4 is still a work in progress so bugs and crashes should be expected. If you come across any problems please report them so that we can fix them. As always thank you all for being patient with us as we finish up this huge update. Please join us at the playtests and show us some new ideas for spell combinations!


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DevBlog #45 – State of the game and a playable wave survival game mode (plus 34 of the 48 new spells)!

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Hello, everyone! This week I want to give an update on the state of the game including details on the new spells and the singleplayer wave survival mode which is now available for testing. I also want to remind everyone that we now have a Discord server where you can chat with the Devs and get exclusive behind the scenes type screenshots and info. It is also a great place to arrange games with other players or discuss the new spells and strategies.

Let’s begin with the state of the game. Right now we are about 70% done with the backend coding needed to launch the F2P update. These systems include the class and account levels, Arcane points (earned in game and used to unlock classes/spells), DLCs/Bundles (so that players can purchase classes through Steam), and of course the 48 new spells (8 per class, 2 per spell slot).

Speaking of the new spells, we now have 34 of the 48 completed and in a Steam beta branch for testing! There are still a few left to make but mostly we just have the bug fixing to do and then will add the remaining 14. We also now have a public spreadsheet where you can view all of the game’s spells tooltip information including description, cooldown, damage, etc. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

If you don’t mind a few bugs and want to test the new spells you can download the beta through Steam. Please keep in mind this is an early version and the final spells and game mode may differ so please let us know if you have any ideas! Also, please make sure to read the known bugs list below before playing as some of them can be quite annoying.

To access the beta version on Steam simply follow these steps:
Here is a list of the biggest known bugs:
– To use the new spells you will need to select them on the character select screen (,) then hit play to spawn, and then go back to the character select screen (,), and hit “Play” again.
– The movement and utility spell selection aren’t working and will be automatically set to Teleport and Spellshield.
– Some spells are buggy in Safeguard. This includes not doing damage, spell effects not showing up, etc.

So why the delays? I don’t want to spend a lot of time going over all of the details but basically, in addition to the normal bugs that come up, we also had a pretty huge setback when the dedicated server we use for version control and file sharing crashed. We are trying to recover the logs and old versions that were lost but luckily we had local backups of most things. Unfortunately, the timing of the server dying was terrible as we are in the middle of trying to figure out a pretty major bug with FFA bots and with the classes. This is the main reason why the beta version I talked about above is not on the live version of the game. As soon as we figure out those two bugs we will launch the build on the main branch. Then we can all start testing the new spells in a multiplayer environment (I am getting really tired of killing skeletons and bots)!

For those wondering about the Free-to-play transition, our plans have not changed. We are still working towards a final release of the game as F2P with all of the features detailed in previous DevBlogs. Before that, there will be a few patches that will introduce the 48 new spells, new maps, finalized singleplayer, menus, bug fixes, class/spell balancing, and more. Once we are happy with bugs, polish, and balance we will launch the F2P patch along with as big of a marketing effort as possible.

As always we very much appreciate any and all feedback so please let us know either in the comments, on the forums, on Discord, or just email us! Thank you all for having so much patience with us as we finish up the game. Your support means so much to us and all of the wonderful comments and feedback are what keep us going!


TLDR: We have run into some delays but you can play a beta version of the new singleplayer along with 34 of the new spells by following the directions above.

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DevBlog #44 – New single player game mode and a Discord server!

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DevBlog #44 – New single player game mode and a Discord server!

Greetings all! Today I want to talk about the new game mode: Safeguard but before that I’m happy to announce we now have a Grimoire: Manastorm Discord server! “Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.” It’s a great program that makes chatting and arranging game sessions a breeze so please feel to join us!

What is Safeguard?

Safeguard is a basic and barebones wave survival mode with an objective to defend. The main goal behind releasing this mini-game is to give players a chance to test out new spells, classes, and general gameplay in a fun and challenging offline setting. This isn’t a huge epic campaign with lots of voice acting and cinematics and while we would love to develop a more traditional style single player campaign this is all we can currently afford. Depending on the response from the community we may spend more time adding on to it in the future but the initial release will be limited to these features.



Single player only

Three maps each with a different difficulty setting: Easy, Medium, and Hard

Access to all classes and spells (regardless of whether you have them unlocked in multiplayer)

2 Ranged Skeleton AI (Fire and Lightning)

2 Basic Skeleton Melee AI (Pawn with low hp and “uber” with 100 hp)

1 Suicide Skeleton Melee AI (Leeeerooyyyy!!)

1 “Boss” Golem AI (Huge Ice golem with a few special attacks)

Simple “Defend” objective and time limit (Protect the door and survive for 10 minutes).



A powerful enemy mage is attacking the city and summoning the dead. You have teleported in to defend the people as they escape through ancient catacombs located inside a tavern basement. Your main objective is to defend the door for 10 minutes while they evacuate.

So essentially you will spawn in and fight wave after wave of basic AI which will provide a challenge and the chance to test out spells, classes, and tactics. Some enemies (the big skeleton warriors) will have the exact same health as enemy players in multiplayer so you can test out combos.


We are currently fixing a few final bugs with this and about 40 new spells. After that is done there will be a big pre-F2P update which will include the new spells, Safeguard, a new conquest map, tooltips, in-game combat log text, bug fixes, updated environment art, and a few small things.

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DevBlog #43 – A new look for Conquest – Market!

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We haven’t had a map update in awhile so I thought I would take some time to share the latest progress. The next map to be added is called Market and some of you may have played earlier versions of it throughout Early Access. It isn’t finished yet but these screenshots should give you a good idea of what it will look like!


With the help of a talented freelancer – Kieran Dubrey and under the direction of our lead artist – Justin Dickerman-Stewart we are using a mix of brand new models and recycled old models to bring a fresh look to Grimoire! By using a fancy snow material that Justin created we can now add realistic looking snow effects to all of our models.


With the addition of a blizzard-like particle effect and some new gameplay elements we are also introducing a dangerous new addition to the already perilous center area of the map. Every few minutes a blinding and powerful blizzard will sweep through the central area causing the ground to be slippery and strong winds to blow players around. Quickly use movement spells and manasteps to escape – or brave the icy winds and try to take advantage of the confusion to capture that highly critical middle point!


In addition to the visuals and blizzard map mechanic we have also made significant changes to the layout of the map. Various unnecessary flanking paths have been removed in order to better streamline and focus combat in central areas. There are still quite a few places where you will be able to teleport over buildings for a quick advantage but there is now no way to simply run from the middle to the final points. We have also added high ground in many places to help with a defender’s advantage and provide multiple tactical choices around each control point.


We hope that the community will help with feedback, bugs and balancing the new changes. This map will be included in the upcoming 48 new spell patch along with some of the other changes we have been working on. That patch will come before the big F2P change so that we can get feedback and bug reports on the new spells. Please let us know what you think of the new map in the comments!


DevBlog #42 – F2P update delayed

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Greetings all! First off I want to apologize for the lack of DevBlogs and game updates. The past month or so has been rough and I really wanted to wait until I had some good news to report along with the bad. That was a mistake and I won’t let it happen again.

Let’s start with the bad news. We have run into some issues with development of the F2P system and will be pushing back the release date for a month (possibly longer). I have always believed that it is important to never push out a game before it is ready. One of the benefits of being an indie studio is that we are in a position where I can make this decision without the bureaucratic pressure that often comes from publishers and large companies.

Now for the good news. This delay means that we will have time to add more content to the game before the big release. This will mainly be more maps but I am also looking into adding a single-player wave survival mode in which players can test out all of the spells in a fun and challenging mini-game. The delay also means that we will have one more 50% off Early Access sale before release.

The next big patch will introduce the new spells, new character textures, and the newly updated map – Market. This patch will come before the F2P transition and we are hoping that the community will help us test the new spells. We will specifically be looking for bug reports but information on balance and general design is always welcome.

On a personal note I want to assure everyone that I am doing everything possible to get this game finished. I really hate pushing back release dates and I completely understand that you all must be getting frustrated with the lack of updates. Thank you all for being patient with us. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about the new spells and maps.


DevBlog #41: Weeklong 50% off sale and F2P update news!

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This week begins the
last sale before the Arcane update which will convert the game to F2P and add 48 new class spells. Early access players will then be automatically given the Ultimate pack once the F2P patch is live. This Ultimate pack will include instant access to all current and future classes, a permanent exp boost, and other small rewards.

Starting next week we will begin showing off some of the new class spells and going into our thoughts behind the spell design. One of the most exciting things about this new update is the ability to not only decide what utility and movement spells you want to use but also to customize the actual class spells. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

The transition to a F2P model was not taken lightly but we are confident that it will bring new life to the community and fix our #1 problem: player population. In addition to the change in business models we are also adding a large spell progression system that will allow players to customize each class by mixing and matching 48 new spells (8 per class). The F2P model will be based around the game’s classes with one available at the start for Free players. The other five classes can then be earned using in game currency called “Arcane points”, purchased through Steam as individual DLCs, or purchased through Steam as a bundle. In addition to this we will also be adding new maps, 48 new class spells, additional mana spells, sound effects, spell effects, stats systems, music, options menu, and server browser. For more details please see the last three DevBlogs 38, 39, and 40.

We have been working on this update for months and can’t wait to finally release it to the community. There will also be a pre-F2P patch that will allow Early Access users to play with the 48 new spells so please consider taking advantage of this sale! You will get an early look at the new spells as well as a head start with designing new spell combinations and learning the new mechanics.

For the latest Grimoire news and a chance to win free copies of the game follow us on Twitter @Omniconnection and on Facebook!

DevBlog #40: Character models, tooltips, and the Arcane patch.

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In today’s DevBlog I will be going over changes to our character models, introducing spell tooltips, and giving an update on the status of the Arcane patch (F2P and 48 new spells progression system). If you are looking for more details about the upcoming F2P transition please check out the last two DevBlogs 38 and 39.

First up is an exciting update to the look of each character model. A player’s team is currently indicated by a colored glow around their character. This has always been a temporary placeholder measure so that we could start using the new models. Soon they will be changed to more of a Team Fortress 2 style where each team’s color (Red and Blue) is much more obvious in the character’s clothing.

The new progression system will be introducing a ingame currency called Arcane points which will allow players to purchase the 48 new class spells (8 per class). In order to help players make an informed decision on which spells they will unlock we will be adding tooltips to each spell. As you can see below these will be in the traditional style and will include the spell name, description, range, and type.

In addition to the above changes we have also been making great progress on the backend systems needed to make the F2P transition work. I don’t want to give an exact date yet but unless we run into some huge unexpected problems you should see the patch go live within a month. Once that happens everyone who purchased the game will be automatically given the Ultimate pack which includes all six classes. Old players and new will then be able to begin earning Arcane points which can be used to unlock the new spells and/or classes. All players will have access to all servers and game modes and the only paid content that won’t be unlockable with Arcane points will be purely cosmetic. We are designing the system in a way that avoids Pay-To-Win so while paid players may be able to look cooler they will never have an in-game advantage over free players.

Thank you so much for being patient with us while we work on this large patch. I know that it has been a long time coming but we need to take our time with it and not rush things so that everyone has the best possible experience. Next week I will be releasing some more detailed information about the 48 new spells. As always please let me know what you think in the comments or through email!


DevBlog #39: Progression spells, Arcane points, and 50% off sale.

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Greetings all! This week’s DevBlog is focused on the upcoming new spells and Arcane points system that will be released with the Free-to-Play update. I would also like to point out that Grimoire is 50% off as a part of the Lunar New Year sale. If you want to support development please consider purchasing a copy for yourself or maybe gift a copy to a friend!

Grimoire’s Free-to-Play system will mostly be based around the game’s six classes. Owners of the game at the time of the transition will be automatically granted all of the game’s classes. Free users will receive one class and then can purchase more through the Steam store or by using Arcane points. As a part of this new F2P system players will be able to earn Arcane points.. These points are an ingame currency and are gained by playing the game. Their primary use will be to purchase classes and spells.


We have been working on the spell progression system for a long time and we are very excited to finally give out some more details. Here is how it will work: Each class starts off with the current four Active spells and one passive spell. As you play the game you will earn Arcane points which can then be used to unlock one of eight new active spells per class (48 total). These new spells are designed so that players can further customize each class to their preferred play style and role. Want to change Lightning into a short range burst DPS class? You can do it! Find Fire boring as an area damage class? You can change it to a single-target direct damage focus! With the new spells you can mix and match to create entirely new combinations or multi-role classes.

The four active spells for each class usually follow this basic pattern:
Spell(1) (left click) is short ranged but high damage.
Spell(2) (right click) is your general use spell and can often be charged.
Spell(3) (Q) is a more unique/advanced/class-specific spell and can often be re-triggered.
Spell(4) (E) is your “ultimate” spell and usually has a long cooldown.

The new progression spells will also generally follow this same pattern and so each class will gain two new Spell(1)’s, two new Spell(2)’s, etc. You will also find that some new spells are similar to the original starting spell but with a different purpose in mind. We have designed them to fit a variety of sub-classes and roles but we are also extremely excited to see what you all come up with!


As we get closer to the F2P/Progression patch we will be releasing even more details about specifics of the new spells. I hope that this has at least provided an interesting peek at our plans and the future of the game. Please let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget the game is on sale for the next 48 hours!