DevBlog #41: Weeklong 50% off sale and F2P update news!

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This week begins the
last sale before the Arcane update which will convert the game to F2P and add 48 new class spells. Early access players will then be automatically given the Ultimate pack once the F2P patch is live. This Ultimate pack will include instant access to all current and future classes, a permanent exp boost, and other small rewards.

Starting next week we will begin showing off some of the new class spells and going into our thoughts behind the spell design. One of the most exciting things about this new update is the ability to not only decide what utility and movement spells you want to use but also to customize the actual class spells. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

The transition to a F2P model was not taken lightly but we are confident that it will bring new life to the community and fix our #1 problem: player population. In addition to the change in business models we are also adding a large spell progression system that will allow players to customize each class by mixing and matching 48 new spells (8 per class). The F2P model will be based around the game’s classes with one available at the start for Free players. The other five classes can then be earned using in game currency called “Arcane points”, purchased through Steam as individual DLCs, or purchased through Steam as a bundle. In addition to this we will also be adding new maps, 48 new class spells, additional mana spells, sound effects, spell effects, stats systems, music, options menu, and server browser. For more details please see the last three DevBlogs 38, 39, and 40.

We have been working on this update for months and can’t wait to finally release it to the community. There will also be a pre-F2P patch that will allow Early Access users to play with the 48 new spells so please consider taking advantage of this sale! You will get an early look at the new spells as well as a head start with designing new spell combinations and learning the new mechanics.

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DevBlog #40: Character models, tooltips, and the Arcane patch.

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In today’s DevBlog I will be going over changes to our character models, introducing spell tooltips, and giving an update on the status of the Arcane patch (F2P and 48 new spells progression system). If you are looking for more details about the upcoming F2P transition please check out the last two DevBlogs 38 and 39.

First up is an exciting update to the look of each character model. A player’s team is currently indicated by a colored glow around their character. This has always been a temporary placeholder measure so that we could start using the new models. Soon they will be changed to more of a Team Fortress 2 style where each team’s color (Red and Blue) is much more obvious in the character’s clothing.

The new progression system will be introducing a ingame currency called Arcane points which will allow players to purchase the 48 new class spells (8 per class). In order to help players make an informed decision on which spells they will unlock we will be adding tooltips to each spell. As you can see below these will be in the traditional style and will include the spell name, description, range, and type.

In addition to the above changes we have also been making great progress on the backend systems needed to make the F2P transition work. I don’t want to give an exact date yet but unless we run into some huge unexpected problems you should see the patch go live within a month. Once that happens everyone who purchased the game will be automatically given the Ultimate pack which includes all six classes. Old players and new will then be able to begin earning Arcane points which can be used to unlock the new spells and/or classes. All players will have access to all servers and game modes and the only paid content that won’t be unlockable with Arcane points will be purely cosmetic. We are designing the system in a way that avoids Pay-To-Win so while paid players may be able to look cooler they will never have an in-game advantage over free players.

Thank you so much for being patient with us while we work on this large patch. I know that it has been a long time coming but we need to take our time with it and not rush things so that everyone has the best possible experience. Next week I will be releasing some more detailed information about the 48 new spells. As always please let me know what you think in the comments or through email!


DevBlog #39: Progression spells, Arcane points, and 50% off sale.

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Greetings all! This week’s DevBlog is focused on the upcoming new spells and Arcane points system that will be released with the Free-to-Play update. I would also like to point out that Grimoire is 50% off as a part of the Lunar New Year sale. If you want to support development please consider purchasing a copy for yourself or maybe gift a copy to a friend!

Grimoire’s Free-to-Play system will mostly be based around the game’s six classes. Owners of the game at the time of the transition will be automatically granted all of the game’s classes. Free users will receive one class and then can purchase more through the Steam store or by using Arcane points. As a part of this new F2P system players will be able to earn Arcane points.. These points are an ingame currency and are gained by playing the game. Their primary use will be to purchase classes and spells.


We have been working on the spell progression system for a long time and we are very excited to finally give out some more details. Here is how it will work: Each class starts off with the current four Active spells and one passive spell. As you play the game you will earn Arcane points which can then be used to unlock one of eight new active spells per class (48 total). These new spells are designed so that players can further customize each class to their preferred play style and role. Want to change Lightning into a short range burst DPS class? You can do it! Find Fire boring as an area damage class? You can change it to a single-target direct damage focus! With the new spells you can mix and match to create entirely new combinations or multi-role classes.

The four active spells for each class usually follow this basic pattern:
Spell(1) (left click) is short ranged but high damage.
Spell(2) (right click) is your general use spell and can often be charged.
Spell(3) (Q) is a more unique/advanced/class-specific spell and can often be re-triggered.
Spell(4) (E) is your “ultimate” spell and usually has a long cooldown.

The new progression spells will also generally follow this same pattern and so each class will gain two new Spell(1)’s, two new Spell(2)’s, etc. You will also find that some new spells are similar to the original starting spell but with a different purpose in mind. We have designed them to fit a variety of sub-classes and roles but we are also extremely excited to see what you all come up with!


As we get closer to the F2P/Progression patch we will be releasing even more details about specifics of the new spells. I hope that this has at least provided an interesting peek at our plans and the future of the game. Please let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget the game is on sale for the next 48 hours!


Patch Notes v0.9.7.2 – January 29, 2016

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Features: Hotfix for double damage bug. Various minor bug fixes and balance changes.

FFA – Sanctuary

  • Fixed invisible collision blocking certain paths.

FFA – Quarry

  • Removed a few places where the player’s character could get stuck.
  • Fixed invisible collision blocking certain paths.

FFA – Ruins

  • Fixed invisible collision blocking certain paths.

Conquest – Quarry

  • Covered a few areas where the player could see through the walls.
  • Removed a few places where the player’s character could get stuck.
  • Fixed invisible collision blocking certain paths.

Conquest – Slums

  • Various  minor cosmetic changes.

Conquest – Temple

  • Adjusted the lighting inside the placeholder Temple mesh.
  • Removed a few places where the player’s character could get stuck.


  • Direct hits with certain spells were causing the spell to hit twice and do double the intended damage. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with the Manastep material and Apex cloth.
  • Replaced two textures on the Fire character mesh.
  • Fixes to Apex clothing and rigging on Fire, Ice, and Nature
  • Fixed a bug with Nature 2 displaying the wrong particle effect.


  • Added slight momentum transfer to the following spells: Ice 2 (Charged), Earth 2, Nature 3, Lightning 2, and Nether 1.
  • Nature 3 – Reduced damage radius 384 -> 300
  • Nature 3 – Reduced damage 270 -> 240
  • Fire 2 (Fireball) – Full Charge: Damage radius 300 -> 400, Speed 1800 -> 1200
  • Fire 2 (Fireball) – Half Charge: Damage radius 300 -> 350, Speed 1800 -> 1500
  • Reduced the momentum transfer on all Fire spells.

Devblog #38: Free-to-Play is coming to Grimoire

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This year will see some big changes for Grimoire. The biggest will be a transition from Pay-to-Play to Free-to-Play. Throughout development we have faced many challenges but there has always been one major problem: Not enough people playing. We have tried multiple ways to fix this but have not been successful. Now it is time for a more drastic approach.

First off I want to make it clear: All current owners of the game will be granted the “Ultimate pack”. This will give access to all current classes as well as any future classes that are added to the game. We are also working on creating some special bonuses as a reward for being an early supporter.

Here is how Grimoire’s Free-To-Play will work: All of the game’s features including game modes, maps, etc will be available for free to all Steam users. The paid content will be the game’s classes.
All free users will start with access to the Fire class and then be able to access the rest of the classes in three ways.

  1. Playing the game and earning “Arcane” points which can then used to unlock classes.
  2. By purchasing individual classes through Steam.
  3. “Ultimate Pack” bundle which will include all current classes as well as any future classes also purchasable through Steam.

Note: All current owners of the game will automatically be granted the “Ultimate Pack” once the F2P transition happens.

This is not a decision that has been made lightly. There are many reasons, but the transition to Free-to-Play is primarily so that you will have people to play against. Without this change there is simply no guarantee that we will ever reach the critical mass of players required to have full servers.

I have left out details like pricing because I would like to get community feedback and input before finalizing anything so please let me know what you think in this blog’s comments, email, or Steam message. I will answer all the questions that I can and address any concerns.


Devblog #36: Autumn Sale and Map Updates.

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From now until Dec 1st Grimoire will be 25% off as part of Steam’s Autumn sale! Patch v0.9.5.4 introduced a brand new FFA map called Sanctuary and next week there will be another patch updating the environment art on Conquest Temple. These map updates represent a big step as we replace the game’s placeholder art. Along with the new patch you will also notice a few maps temporarily disappear from the rotation as we update their art as well. Interested in checking out Grimoire but don’t have the spare cash? Follow us on  twitter for a weekly key giveaway each Saturday to a few lucky followers!


Sanctuary is a new FFA map that has been influenced by one of the greatest Unreal Tournament maps of all time DM-Deck! Building on a basic layout I have made significant changes and adapted it to work better with Grimoire’s spells and game mechanics. This map introduces the first use of Teleporters in FFA and also builds on the health pot system found in FFA_Ruins.


A few weeks ago we introduced you to a new look for the Conquest map Slums using final art assets. This week’s patch will follow that path by bringing updated art to Conquest Temple! While there are still some areas that will see future work (Mostly the actual Temple building itself) this represents a big step in not just the map’s art but also in some much needed layout changes. These changes will help to balance some of the more overpowered areas of the map and should help especially with some excessive flanking.

In addition to work on the game’s maps we are also making great progress with on-hit decals for combat spells, bug fixing, sound effects, character model clothing animations, and tweaks to spell balance. As always please let us know how you like the new changes and of course bug reports are always welcome.

Patch Notes v0.9.5.3 – November 14th 2015

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Features: New map FFA_Sanctuary and various upgraded spell effects.

FFA – Sanctuary
-Features a large amount of vertical play, health pots, and teleporters.

Bug Fixes:
-Keybinds menu is once again working from Main Menu as well as ingame.
-Added DirectX (June 2010) installer which should fix issues Win10 users were having.
-Fixed visibility issues with Nether ultimate.

-Adjustments to Fire’s spell effects
-Adjustments to Nether’s spell effects.
-Updated spell effect for Arcane Barrier.

Devblog #35: Steam Free Weekend, Major update, and sale!

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Didn’t get into the Overwatch beta? No problem, we’ve got you covered: Starting today (Oct 29) at 10 AM PST Grimoire will be free to try on Steam! For those not familiar: Grimoire is a fast paced skill based class shooter with magical multiplayer tactical combat. We have taken inspiration from our favorite games and created an excited new take on the shooter genre. Incinerate your enemies with fire, freeze them with ice, teleport above or behind them, block their spells with powerful shields or simply smash them to pieces with gigantic boulders! Grimoire will also be on sale all weekend for 25% off so if you like the game please consider supporting its development by purchasing a copy (or four).


This week’s update is a big one and new features include a new FFA map set in ancient ruins, an art upgrade to our Slums environment set, tons of new sound effects, six new character models, directional damage indicators, and Steam trading cards! While Grimoire is still in development this update represents a major step towards finishing the game and we would like to thank our awesome community for their support and patience. Especially all of you that participate in our weekly Dev playtests. Thank you!


Patch Notes v0.8.5.0 through v0.9.5.0 – October 29th 2015

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Features: New map FFA_Ruins, Art update to Conquest_Slums, various new sound effects, 6 new character models, voice chat, and Steam Trading Cards!


FFA – Ruins (Previously FFA_Haylow)

-Fixed areas where players were getting stuck on certain meshes along the ground.
-Health potions should now be more obvious (Lighting + movement)
-Added some background cosmetic elements.
-Performance tweaks in various places (FPS should now be 20%-30% higher)
-New sound effects added.

Conquest – Quarry

-Various layout changes to the middle control point area.
-Started replacing old “Slums” art meshes with new ones.


-Fixed a few minor bugs.
-Performance tweaks with lighting
-Added new background music.

Conquest – Slums

-Large number of layout changes.
-Most old “Slums” art replaced with newer versions.
-New sound effects added.

Bug Fixes:
-Magnus Life/Nature class is now displaying the correct materials.


HUD based directional damage indicators: Players can now see where they are taking damage from by an icon around the crosshair.
– Voice chat: Press “B” to chat with your team in Conquest or your enemies in FFA.
– New sound effects for death, hit, point captured
– New character models added for each class.
– New character models are accented with their team’s color to make it easier to tell friend from foe.
– Changed Earth’s 3rd spell.

Devblog #34: Trading cards and a new FFA map!

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I am very happy to announce that we now have trading cards in Grimoire! There are six total cards (one for each class), five backgrounds, five badges, and four emoticons for players to earn. If you aren’t familiar with how Steam trading cards work here are the basics: Steam trading cards come in a set that you can collect and then craft into a badge. Once you craft a badge you will get a random emoticon and profile background.

Below you can see a preview of the great work Justin did in creating all of these. This week is a great time to jump back into the game to see our latest changes and collect the cards while also trying out the newest map.


The newest Grimoire map is called FFA_Ruins and some of you may find it familiar from our Dev playtests on the blockout version of it. This is our first final art and layout FFA map and I’d like to give a huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone who helped test and design this map. With your feedback and help I think it turned out pretty great. As always please let us know on the forums or email if you have any feedback, comments, or concerns!