An Introduction to Grimoire

OmniConnection is proud to present our first game, Grimoire, a team-based multiplayer third person shooter inspired by popular games such as Day of Defeat, League of Legends, and Skyrim and based in a harsh medieval fantasy world of war and magic.

Players will be able to choose between two powerful Wizard families in their fight for control of the capital city. In addition to being able to select from eight different classes, that each have four base spells, players will also be able to customize their class by choosing a movement spell and a defensive spell.

Grimoire’s main game mode is a conquest system where teams will gain points by capturing and holding key map locations. If one team captures all the locations they will gain a large amount of points and the round will reset. The match will end once a team reaches a certain amount of total points. We also hope to include other game modes in the future such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Free-For-All, and Duels.

Grimoire’s maps are designed to promote teamwork and will reward players not only for quick reactions and precision aim but also for creative strategies. Currently we have three maps being play tested and plan on featuring a wide variety of different maps by release.

grim_breach_02_latest grim_breach_01_latest


Inner City:grim_innercity_01_latestgrim_innercity_02_latest