0.5 Alpha Update

The test last night went great!  The server peaked at 27 players and we had no network issues or crashes reported throughout the night.  I’ve attached some screenshots from last night’s playtest and perspective video footage is coming soon.


Thank you to everyone who participated.  Your feedback has been extremely helpful!

ScreenShot00011  ScreenShot00019  ScreenShot00027  ScreenShot00056

Grimoire Internal Alpha Stress Test 0.5

Today we’re prepping the build for internal alpha testing on build 0.5.  We’re very excited to see how well the game runs with more than 24 simultaneous players.  E-mail invites will be sent out around 6:30 PM EST and we expect the main server to be up and running at 7 PM EST.

0.5 Patch Notes

After the 0.4 alpha test on 3/16/2014 we have a comprehensive list of bugfixes and various other balance changes that have been completed. This list will be consistently updated until we roll out the 0.5 build for live testing.

Patch 0.5 Notes

— Balancing Changes —

  • Frostbolt Buff (lowered mana costs, speed and damage have been increased significantly)
  • Frost Nova Nerf (Fixed the actual blast radius to better fit the visual size)
  • Frozen Orb Nerf (Damage of main orb projectile now deals 70 damage)
  • Sustained Damage Abilities(Ability One) for frost, fire, lightning have all received a damage and tickrate buff (from every 1/4th of a second to every 1/10th of a second)
  • Fire Nerfs (fireball damage and speed has been slightly lowered, meteor storm AOE radius reduced)
  • Defensive Abilities added: SpellShield and Stoneskin
  • Boulder(Earth ability four) functionality has changed.  It will now reward players more for using it as a mortar style ability.  The damage of the boulder now ramps up even higher per second it is in the air.  This ability now leaves a smoke screen at the explosion location for 4 seconds.
  • Lightning mana costs for abilities 2-4 were too high.  All values have been lowered accordingly.
  • Lightning Orb(Ability 3) will now chain to enemies at a quicker rate.  Damage has been lowered to fit the new rate accordingly
  • All classes health regeneration has been increased slightly
  • Nature Class has been added

— Bug Fixes —

  • Fixed a major bug which allowed you to cast quicker than your cooldown time by holding down the firing mode button
  • Fixed a bug that enabled you to CC your own teammates
  • Fixed a major visual bug that kept the meteor storm floor and cloud particles activated.
  • Fixed an animation bug that made you appear to be casting even when on cooldown(this only applied to charged abilities)
  • Fixed an issue that caused projectiles to explode on your character when looking high in the air.
  • Fixed an issue that caused your mana to be spent with Earth ability 3 and Fire ability 4 even if they weren’t allowed to be casted.  (Your mana should not be spent either)
  • Projectiles should no longer explode on each other(this was a client side bug)
  • Fixed a menu-related bug that caused a multitude of issues with sprint/blink functionality breaking.

— Misc. —

  • Added an effect for your blink-from location (This resolves the issue of someone appearing to vanish when they blink.)
  • Changed range indicators for some abilities to better fit their appropriate size.
  • Changed Charge up ability HUD indicator to an actual charge-up bar.
  • Hit indication will no longer happen when a teammate hits you with an ability.
  • Hit indication is now much more noticeable when you receive damage.
  • Experimental Change: All players can now sprint.  A Stamina bar has been added to the HUD under the mana bar.
  • A slight camera angle adjustment has been made.
  • Projectiles will no longer explode on teammates when friendly fire is disabled.
  • Fire Particles systems have received some visual upgrades
  • Lightning Particles systems have received some visual upgrades
  • Lighting system added to character’s hand particles
  • Network architecture optimizations of the animation system
  • Size of Boulder(Earth Ability Four) has been reduced.  Explosion radius remains the same.
  • The cooldown system has been completely reconstructed.
  • Death sounds added
  • Projectile spawn location changed to a more centered point
  • Frozen orb functionality changes(this is a slight buff)
  • Sustained damage abilities are now accurate visually.
  • Indicators added for “Not Enough Mana” and “That ability is on cooldown”
  • Implemented a minimap system
  • Complete UI Overhaul
  • Spell Shield particles dimmed
  • Teleporter system added for starting locations
  • Various particle improvements of abilities(nearly every ability has received particle upgrades since 0.4)

Gloom Map Screenshots

This is a map I worked on to give a better idea of how we want our environments to look. In general Particle effects look a great deal better the darker the map is. I named this map: Gloom.

Site Launched!


Omniconnection is a small-scale independent development team currently focused on the production of mobile apps and PC games.

Programmer – Channing “ChaN” Burell

Lead Production – Brent “Brent” Caulfield

Our current focus with Omniconnection is to gradually transition into a studio capable of releasing large scale titles for the PC.