Omniconnection LLC is a small independent game development studio based out of Gainesville, FL which is primarily focused on the multiplayer shooter genre using the Unreal Development Kit. Omniconnection was originally the name of a Information Technology company founded by Channing Burell. After an incredibly successful playtest of a hobby project titled, Grimoire, Brent Caulfield and Channing Burell decided that this crazy new mix of MOBA spells and FPS gameplay had huge potential and a new game development studio named Omniconnection LLC was founded in Florida on April 11, 2014.

As the project expanded Brent and Chan were joined in May 2014 by Kyle Phillips, formerly of Blizzard Entertainment. Then on August 9th Justin Dickerman-Stewart joined as the lead artist. With a Steam Early Access release date approaching the team was joined by Daniel Swearengin in January 2015 as a sound engineer.

On February 4th, 2015 Omniconnection launched it’s first game Grimoire: Manastorm through Steam’s Early Access program. On April 16th the team suffered a blow when lead programmer, Channing Burell parted ways. Shortly afterwards Kyle took over as lead programmer and then in May 2015 Erin “Saishy” Calmon was brought on as a programmer.

After a tough 9 months of lackluster sales and player numbers Kyle Phillips decided to leave Omniconnection to pursue more profitable goals leaving Brent as the sole owner and lead developer. Omniconnection released Grimoire: Manastorm on October 26th 2017 on Steam with a Free-to-Play business model.